Intro to lead generation

You can collect, save, and send leads with any Riddle you make.

How lead generation works

  1. Create
    You add a lead block to your Riddle.
  2. Collect
    Your audience enters their data when they play the Riddle. This data is saved in Riddle by default (you can disable this). You can also send leads directly to your external lead tool.
  3. Connect
    You can contact your leads.

Set up lead generation

  1. Add a form (lead) block to your Riddle.
  2. Set up double opt-in (DOI) confirmation if needed or wanted for your privacy regulations.
  3. Lead information and individual responses are stored on Riddle's GDPR-compliant servers.
  4. The data is saved to Riddle by default.
    To disable this, go to the Publish step and click on Save and connect data. Disable the Save w/Riddle button.
    We store individual answers and responses:
    • for polls / surveys
    • for personality quizzes / quizzes if a form block is included.
  5. Choose an integration:
  6. Analyze your leads.