Top tips

Here are 10 insider tips from our own support and creation teams.

1. Mix it up.

Use a variety of Riddle blocks.

top tips mix it up

How to mix it up with different blocks.

2. Use media.

This makes your Riddle immediately more attractive and engaging.

top tips use media

How to format media.

3. Whitelabel every detail to your brand.

Use your own logo, your own font, and your exact brand colors.

top tips whitelabel

How to customize the branding, use your own font, and edit using custom CSS.

4. Monetize your Riddle.

Insert ads above or below your Riddle to generate revenue while your audience play your Riddle.

top tips monetize

How to configure ads.

5. Send your audience to a webpage.

After your audience complete the Riddle, they can click on a button that takes them to your website.

top tips send your audience to a webpage

How to add a CTA button.

6. Increase sign-ups.

Put your audience's results behind a required form wall so they have to enter their name and email, for example, before they see their results. You can send your leads to your tool of choice and even send automated emails with results and / or personalized offers based on your audience's answers.

top tips increase sign-ups

How to add an email block and make it required.

7. Keep it short and sweet.

For regular Riddles, we recommend a maximum of 10 questions per Riddle. For specific use-cases you may of course need more.

top tips keep it short and sweet

8. Speak to your audience.

Add a name block into your Riddle and then use that name to address that particpant in any block that follows.

top tips speak to your audience

How to add a name block and then personalize any subsequent questions.

9. Use the single-select and multi-select blocks.

50-60% of your visitors will be on smartphones. Free text entry takes longer to type than multiple choice questions or our other Riddle type formats. We recommend making no more than 30% of your questions free text.

top tips single and multiple choice

How to add all the different sorts of blocks.

10. Add a timer.

This gives your quiz experience a dose of adrenaline. You can set a time limit for the quiz (“60 seconds to answer 10 questions”) or per question (“10 seconds per question”).

top tips timer

How to add a quiz timer.