Configure scoring

You can adjust how your audience's scores are calculated for the leaderboard, using our integrated quiz time multiplier.

configure leaderboard scoring

  1. Go to Settings and click on Leaderboard: Scoring.
  2. Under Quiz time multiplier, adjust the number on the slider.
    The time multiplier ranges from 0 to 100x and the default multiplier is 100.
    The time multiplier uses a formula to calculate points by combining a user's score with a user's time taken to answer the quiz questions.
    The formula is:
    Points = points x (1 + (1 / time taken x multiplier)
    The higher the multiple, the more you will be rewarded for a faster time-taken and the more variation you will have between entries on the leaderboard. This can also then increase audience motivation to be high up on the leaderboard.
  3. Here is an example calculation:

    Points = 6

    Time taken = 60

    Multiplier = 100

    6 x (1 + 1/60 x 100) = 16