Embed a Riddle on WordPress

You can embed a Riddle on WordPress. How the Riddle is added depends on the page builder you are using for your WordPress site. We will cover the most commonly used page builders below.

Download plugin and connect your Riddle.com account

  1. Download our WordPress plugin.
  2. In your Riddle account, click on the three dots top right.
  3. Click on API keys.
  4. Copy your API token and key.
  5. In the Riddle plugin in WordPress, paste the code into the token field (under account settings).
  6. Click on the Update API token & key button.
    This will bring up the My Riddles list inside WordPress.
  7. Use the Copy to clipboard button to copy the shortcode to your clipboard. You can use that shortcode with any WordPress Editor. Just paste it into your blog post where you want the Riddle to be.
  8. For Gutenberg, see below.

Please note: If you are using Gutenberg or any other editor like Fusion from Avada or the classic editor, our shortcode will always work.

Gutenberg Block Editor

Every WordPress installation comes with the Gutenberg Block Editor installed.

Riddle.com's WordPress Plugin supports Gutenberg blocks (version 4.0 or higher). In this first Gutenberg release, you can easily add your Riddles as a Gutenberg block by choosing the "Riddle" block type and then either:

  • adding a shortcode generated by the plugin
  • adding the URL to your Riddle that is autogenerated when you publish a Riddle on Riddle.com
  • adding the Riddle ID
  1. To add the Riddle embed code, simply add a custom html block to your page.
  2. Paste the Riddle embed code there.
  3. Copy the shortcode and then go to the page or post where you want to add this Riddle. Click on the + sign to add a new Gutenberg block and search for Riddle.

Just add one of the three available identifiers to the Gutenberg "Riddle" block. This will load the Riddle and you are all set.

Classic Editor

If you are not a fan of the Gutenberg Editor or still have an older version of WordPress running, you may be using the Classic Editor.

When using the Classic Editor, simply click on the text editor tab and paste the Riddle embed code there. Make sure to NOT paste the Riddle code in the visual editor as it will not work there.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer comes as the page builder of choice with many popular themes like TagDiv. To add the Riddle embed code there, add a Raw HTML Block and then paste the Riddle embed code.


When using Elementor, add the widget to your page and then paste the Riddle embed code

Any other page builder

Every page builder will have a similar element called HTML, External HTML, external code or similar. Please make sure to always paste the Riddle embed code as raw HTML instead of adding it to a rich text editor.

Standard embed code

You can also use our standard embed codes without the plugin.

standard embed code