Riddle's personality quiz features two scoring calculation modes.

Your personality quiz can either be a 'projective test' or a 'self-report inventory'.

Scoring is based on a subtle analysis of all of the Riddle taker's responses:

  • Overall results (e.g. You're a collaborative manager!)
  • Attributes (e.g. Responsibility = 65%, Decisiveness = 48%)

Assign points (weighting)

assign points for each personality

The personality quiz uses a weighted response system, with a range of points from 100 to -100 for each response option.

You assign more points the stronger the association for that response. For example, you could have Paris and Tanzania as results in a 'What is your dream holiday getaway?' quiz.

Imagine the question 'What do you do in your spare time?' had 'Hiking' and 'Fine dining' as answers. For people who answered 'Hiking', you could assign +20 points for 'Tanzania' and +5 points for 'Paris'. For people who answered 'Fine dining', you could assign +20 points for 'Paris' and +8 points for 'Tanzania'.

The can do the same for each question in your personality quiz.

After all the questions, our system adds up the points for all of the responses and gives the audience the particular personality / result with the most points, as well as a set of attributes.

  1. Click on a single choice block.
  2. Click on EDIT SCORING.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the points.

Score calculation methods

You can choose from two sorts of result calcuations.

scoring calculation methods

Total points achieved across all personalities

Points scored for that results are divided by the total points scored for all results to give you a percentage.

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Go to Result calculation based on.
  3. Select Total points achieved across all personalities.

Max points possible for each result

Each result or attribute is calculated independently. Points scored for that result are divided by the maximum possible points for that result to give you a percentage score. The results percentages will not add up to 100%. It's also possible for Riddle takers to get results with fewer points.

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Go to Result calculation based on.
  3. Select The max points possible for each personality.