Embed a Riddle on Wix.com

Embedding a Riddle on a WIX site is a special embed case. All Wix sites run under the usrfiles.com domain in the background (even if you have a custom domain name registered). This can cause problems with whitelisting as it is not sufficient to whitelist your domain name.

  1. Create some room for your Riddle content on your Wix site.
  2. You can either make a new empty spot or delete any existing content blocks in your Wix page.
  3. Insert the embed code for your Riddle:
    • In the left menu, select Add.dIn the left menu, select .
    • Click on More.
    • Click on HTML iFrame.

Now that you have an iFrame placeholder on your Wix site:

  1. Go to Riddle.com.
  2. Go to PUBLISH.
  3. Click on Embed / Landing page.
  4. Click on GET THE CODE.
  5. Go back to Wix. Resize your iframe by clicking / dragging the handlebars.
    Width: Make it as wide as your site.
    Height: Experiment depending on your quiz, but we recommend trying between 50% and 75% high.
  6. Click on Paste code and paste in your Riddle's embed code.
  7. You may want to shift things around or drag your HTML iframe height / width controls a bit to give your Riddle enough room.
  8. Click on SAVE and then PUBLISH.
  9. Check your Riddle on Wix in PUBLISH mode, not PREVIEW.
  10. Check the mobile view too. You might need to adjust things here as well.

Whitelisting Wix.com custom domain names

When you use a custom domain name on Wix, you need to make some changes to whitelisting on Riddle.

  1. Make sure Wix is not using your custom domain to serve embedded content.
  2. You need to whitelist usrfiles.com, not your own domain name.