Redirect to URL

You can create a redirect so that your Riddle audience is taken directly to a website after completing the Riddle.

  1. Click on Add a result block bottom left in the CREATE section.
  2. Choose Redirect to URL.

result page redirect

  1. Write the URL in the Content field. Make sure the URL follows this structure: https:// + site name. We recommend copying and pasting the URL you want directly from the website's address bar.
    redirect url
  2. Add an image/audio/video and enter text into the Title and/or Description fields if you want your users to see visuals or a message before the redirected website appears.
    redirect title etc

Create result-dependant redirect

You can send your Riddle audience to different URLs, based on their responses. For example, users who got result A -> URL A, those who got result B -> URL B.

  1. Go to Results under Blocks in the CREATE section.
  2. Add more results blocks as above.
  3. Click on Configure results and adjust the score rangesc to choose which result should lead to which redirect.
    configure redirect results

Add a delay

You can set a time before the audience is taken to the url.

  1. Click on the Options icon on the right of Content.
  2. Enable Delayed redirect.
    delayed redirect
    The default setting is 5 seconds. Type a number or use the up and down arrows to choose the delay in seconds.

Go full-screen

You can show the website as a full-screen view rather than inside your Riddle's iframe.

  1. Click on the Options icon on the right of Content.
  2. Enable Open redirect page outside the Riddle iframe.
    redirect outside iframe