Your Riddle's status

You can publish and publish your Riddle at any time.

  1. In your Riddle, click on Status on the left hand nagivation bar.
  2. Click on PUBLISH to make your Riddle available online.
    Click on the link next to Showcase to open the Riddle directly.
  3. Click on UNPUBLISH to take your Riddle offline.
  4. Click on DISCARD CHANGES to undo the changes you've made in your Riddle.

There are three status for your Riddle at the top of the page.

  • Draft
    status draft
    You have created a Riddle and you can publish it when you're ready.
  • Modified
    status modified
    Your changes aren't published yet. When you're ready, you can publish again.
    An asterisk will appear next to the PUBLISH* button at the top if you have made changes that aren't published yet.
  • Published
    status published
    Your Riddle is live, ready to engage your audience and give you valuable insights.

Under History you can see:


  • the date and time when the Riddle was last published.
  • the date and time when the Riddle was last updated.
  • the date and time when the Riddle was created.