First steps

  1. Choose a Riddle format.
    choose riddle format on create screen
    Under CREATE, select one of the five formats and click on START FROM SCRATCH:
    • Quiz: Challenge your audience with right / wrong questions.
    • Poll: Get your audience's opinions and feedback.
    • Personality Quiz: Engage and get to know your audience.
    • Predictor: Let your audience predict the final result or winner.
    • Leaderboard: Rank your users based on their performance in quizzes and predictors.
    • Form: Collect emails and other information from your audience.
  2. Name your Riddle.
    name riddle
    Type a name in the What do you want to call your Riddle? box.
  3. Edit the cover page.
    edit cover
    This is the first thing your audience will see before starting the Riddle. Upload a picture, write a title, and add a description (if you want).
  4. Choose a question type.
    choose block
    Click on ADD A BLOCK and select a question type from the drop-down menu. There's a question in your Riddle by default already but you can always delete this by clicking on the three dots on the right of the block.
  5. Complete question block setup.
    complete block setup
    Insert an image, audio, or video. Write a question and answer(s). Repeat this step for as many questions or blocks as you want.
  6. Publish your Riddle.
    publish your Riddle
    Click on SAVE and then click on PUBLISH.
  7. Done! Your Riddle is live and you're ready to engage your audience.
    go to your Riddle landing page
    Click on Landing page to try out your Riddle.
  8. Embed your Riddle.
    embed your Riddle
    You can embed your Riddle like a YouTube video. Go to Embed / Landing page and GET THE CODE.
  9. Make as many content and style changes to your Riddle as you like at any time - just make sure you publish your Riddle again.