FAQ and Troubleshooting

  1. Can I use Looker Studio with my Riddle.com subscription?
    The Looker Studio integration is only available for free trial users and Enterprise customers. You can check the plan you're subscribed to on your subscription page.
  2. I'm running a marketing campaign on a single Riddle. Can I use Looker Studio to analyze its traffic?
    Yes. To do that select the project the Riddle is in plus the Riddle you want to analyze in the next step. This connection will only return data for this Riddle and is the most precise data you get, returning daily-basis data.
  3. Can I view CTA stats analytics in Looker Studio?
    Yes but you have to make sure to select the individual Riddle you're interested in. The CTA stats are only available on an individual basis, not on the global stats basis.
  4. I have a project with more than one Riddle and I want to measure and compare how the Riddles in it performed. How can I do this?
    To do that select the project you want to analyze and select Global stats to get an overview of all Riddles within one project. This connection will return data for all Riddles in the project but will be less precise than the connection for a single Riddle. For every date range there will be 15 aggregated data points.
  5. My report is empty - what's wrong?
    Make sure you have selected the correct project and Riddle. Additionally check on the stats dashboard in Riddle.com if there is data available for the selected date range. If there is no data available in Riddle.com, there will be no data available in Looker Studio.
    Please note: If you work with the dimension Published At, only currently published Riddles will be returned in the data. Unpublished Riddles can lead to an empty report with Published at.
  6. Can I use the integration to integrate Riddle 1.0 stats?
    Yes that is possible through Global stats. The Riddle selector only works with 2.0 Riddles.
  7. How do I remove the Looker Studio connection?
    Removing the connection is possible through Looker Studio itself and Riddle (removing the associated personal/project API key). When you remove the API key on Riddle.com the Looker Studio connection will remain but won't be accessible anymore.
  8. I have a question that is not answered here. What can I do?
    Please write to us in our support chat on Riddle.com, reach out to us at hello@riddle.com, or visit our Help Center.