General settings

Define how your Riddle is set up.

  1. Go to the Design and Settings section.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Go to GENERAL: Global controls.

Now you can perform one of the actions below.

Activate a progress bar

  1. Enable the Progress bar to display how far through the Riddle the audience is.
    progress bar

Activate page numbers

  1. Enable the Display # of pages to display the total number of pages to the audience while doing the Riddle.
    display number of pages

Advance automatically from one block to the next

  1. Enable Auto advance to automatically go from one question to the answer explanation or next question.
    Enable Allow answer changes so users can change their answers before submitting.
    This overwrites auto advance where applicable) When OFF, users will see a "Choose" button and then a "Next" button.
    auto advance allow answer changes

Change the media ratio

  1. Go to Default media ratio to choose the default ratio for images and other media.
    You can always change this within each individual block.
    default media ratio 2

Change the language

  1. Go to Language to set the language for your Riddle.

Customize buttons

  1. Enable Customize button text to change what specific buttons say.
    You can enter your own text in the Write something fields for the following buttons:
    • Choose
    • Choose again
    • I give up
    • Start
    • Next
    • Skip
    • Play again
    • Submit and continue
    • Form skip

    customize buttons

Riddle open / closed

  1. Enable Your Riddle is open so that your audience can participate in your Riddle. It is enabled by default.
    To limit when your Riddle is open, enable Set opening date and / or Set closing date and choose a local date and time.
    If someone opens the Riddle outside this time frame, they will see the message "This Riddle will start soon" or "This Riddle is now closed".
    riddle opening closing