Send automated emails

You can send customized emails to Riddle particpants based on their responses.

  1. Under PUBLISH, go to Email automation.
  2. Click on the button next to Enable email automation.

Set up email automation

  1. Under Recipient, select the Riddle content block that contains the email address you want to send the email to.
  2. Select Default email enabled to set up an email that will be sent to all users that finish your Riddle. It will not be sent if one or more conditional emails are triggered.
  3. Enter the Riddle's subject and content.
  4. Click on SEND TEST MAIL.
    add automated email
  5. Click on Add conditional email to set up an email that will only be sent to users who fulfil a specific condition.
  6. Under Conditional email #1, select the content block from the dropdown menu, select the condition from the dropdown menu, and add a rule, such as:
    'Result title' > 'equals' > 'novice'
  7. Enter an email subject.
  8. Enter the content you would like in the email.
  9. Click on SEND TEST EMAIL.
    add conditional email
  10. Repeat the process for as many conditional emails as you like.

Personalize automated emails

You can add customer-specific personalization to your automated emails.

  1. Go to Email content.
  2. Enter your text for the email in the field.
  3. Click on the plus symbol in the bottom right corner.
    personalize email content
  4. Select the form field data variable you would like to insert.
    personalize emails with form field data
  5. Your lead will receive the personalization in their automated email.
    automated email with name