You can combine the ad block into any Riddle.

1. Ad

Insert your own ads in your Riddles, a powerful way to monetize your quizzes.

  1. Click on ADD A CONTENT BLOCK and select Ad block.
    add your ad
  2. Insert a text into the Title field.
    monetization ad add title
  3. Add an image by clicking on Add image, GIF, or video/audio file.
    monetization ad add media
  4. Enable Project ad and select an ad slot if you want to use a project ad slot.
    Add a URL and height to the Ad content section fields.
    monetization ad add ad content



other content blocks media ratio

Go to the options icon on the right of Form Content.

Under Answers, disable Show media or select a Media ratio.


monetization enable skip

monetization delay skip

Go to the options icon on the right of Answer Content and enable Skip ad button.

Add a time delay by enabling Delay skip button and type in the delay you would like.

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