Google Tag Manager

Use Google Tag Manager tracking if you have a Business or Full-service Riddle Plan.

  1. Set up and install Google Tag Manager.
  2. Go to PUBLISH.
  3. Go to Tracking.
  4. Click on Google Tag Manager to enable tracking.
    enable gtm
  5. As long as you embed the Riddle on a page where you run your standard Google Tag Manager Tag, all standard Riddle events will be sent to the GTM tag.
  6. If you have customized your tracking code and are not using dataLayer as your object variable, you can enable the Custom Google Tag Manager configuration and change the default from "dataLayer" to whatever you are using. Please make sure to only change this value if you know what you are doing.
    custom gtm config
  7. If you only want to track certain events, open Custom event configuration and uncheck events that you do not want to track. The default setting is that all Riddle events are sent to GTM.
    gtm custom event config
  8. Create handling inside GTM to react to the events sent to Tag Manager by Riddle.
    This is the default event we send to Google Tag Manager:

eventCategory: riddleEvent.category,    
eventAction: riddleEvent.action,