Accessibility technology

Use Riddle-supported leading accessible technologies, both for Riddle creators and your Riddle audience.

Accessible technologies for creators

  1. J.A.W.S. (Job Access With Speech)
    This is the world's leading screenreader.
  2. Dragon Text to Speech software
    This makes text entry for people easier who find typing or other data entry methods difficult.
  3. Keyboard navigation
    This allows you to create Riddles using keyboard commands.
  4. ZoomText
    This easily magnifies text for people with impaired vision.

Accessible technologies for your audience

  1. Alt-tags
    Add descriptive text for screen readers to say aloud (visually impaired).
  2. Hyper-legible font
    Use the Braille Institute's Atkinson Hyper-legible font in your Riddles to improve readability through increased letterform distinction.
  3. Tab accessibility
    Your audience can use the tab key to go through your embedded quiz (motor-skill impaired).
  4. Button highlights
    Change the color of a button when selected (visual / motor skills).
  5. URL link / button borders
    Color borders around text hyperlinks and buttons enable better visual definition (visually impaired).