You can configure what your audience sees after completing a Riddle.

  1. Go to the Design and Settings section.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Go to RESULTS: Choose how to display results.
  4. Enable Display audience results in each block to show the accumulative results to date, including your own answer, after the user has selected their answer.
    Enable Display percentages for the user to see these results as percentages.
  5. Enable Display blocks on result page to show the Riddle's content / question blocks (and user responses) under the result block / winning personality.
    You can:
    • display the percentage scores
    • display the number of participants that have taken part so far
    • display the total number of votes
    • hide the answer images that you are in the Riddle but you do not want to appear
    • hide block images that you have inserted into your Riddle but do not want your audience to see right now