JS Events

Each Riddle type has the same set of events, making it easy to write a general event listener that will work with all Riddles. The events sent by a Riddle are listed in the table below. Along with the event action, Riddle will send an event name to specify the action. For example, the Block_View event will send the name of the block that was viewed as the event name. The CoreMetrics event will send the type of event as the event name.

EventEvent Action Name
Core Metrics that you can also see on the analyze / statistics screen in the Riddle creator. Events can be Start, View, etc.CoreMetrics
Tracked on the first user interaction (e.g. a click, typing)CoreMetrics
Tracked when the user views their result pageCoreMetrics
Block viewed. A block was loaded and displayed to the userBlock_View
Block submitted - either an answer option was chosen or the next button was clicked in a question blockBlock_Submit
Tracked when the user clicks 'skip' at a blockBlock_Skip
Click on "Next" buttonBlock_Next
Form or single form field submittedForm_Submit
Send form data (user inputs)Form_Submit
Form or single form field skippedForm_Skip
Call to action button clickedCta
Social Shares. A social share button was clicked and a social share was initiatedSocial
Lead Settings events send data such as cookies accepted as the event nameLeadSettings
Data layer variablesdataLayer_{Data Layer Key}

Unless you are using your own custom tracking script, you can use these events straight away with the most common tracking tools such as Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel), Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Matomo.

Please refer to our Custom tracking page to learn more about the tools and also get sample code that will get you started working with Riddle Events.