Image sizes and ratios

Four image sizes / ratios:

  1. Wide - default and recommended
    image ratio wide
    Ratio: 16:9
    Size: 960 x 540px
    Your images will be wider than than they are tall. This 'landscape' orientation works best across all screen sizes (especially mobile).
  2. Square
    image ratio square
    Ratio: 1:1
    720 x 720px
    This is designed for images like Instagram photos where the height and width are equal.
  3. Tall
    image ratio tall
    Ratio: 9:16
    Size: 540 x 960px
    Your images will be tall, which will give you more space for fashion shots, book covers, and other images with a 'portrait' orientation.
  4. Original image ratio
    image ratio original
    Your images keep their existing ratio (for example, Q1 might be 12:9 ratio, while Q2 and Q3 are 7:4).

Set a default image size

You can set an image size to apply to all images in your Riddle, from the cover to questions, answers, and results.

set default image size

  1. Go to the Design step.
  2. Go to Default media ratio.
  3. Select one of the four sizes from the dropdown menu.

Change any single image size

You can change the size to override the default settings for any single block.

change any single image size

  1. Click on the block you want to customize.
  2. Click on the Options icon in the top right corner.
  3. Under Media ratio, select a size from the dropdown menu.

Optimize GIFs

Our image provider has a 100MB limit for your GIF's total file size. There's no standard GIF size or the right average size of a GIF but here are some tips:

  1. Make each frame as small as possible in Photoshop or whatever your designer used. 960x540 for our wide format is ideal.
  2. Reduce the number of frames per second, something like five or six per second is fine.
  3. Use a free tool like to reduce the file size by about 40%.
  4. Make use of the lazy loading option if your .GIF size is bigger. This enables each image to load 'just in time' rather than all images loading at once.

Top tips

  1. Use jpg or png formats for images.
  2. Aim for a maximum image size of 250KB.
  3. You can edit images, not animated GIFs or videos.
  4. Aim for a maximum video size of 10MB, compressing before uploading if necessary.
  5. Smaller images mean your Riddle loads faster for your audience.
    We automatically compress all pictures by 80% to keep every Riddle's speed and quality high. If you have some very large files, you can speed up your quiz loading times by reducing the overall pixel dimensions and file size.