Add your logo, ads, or a footer.

  1. Go to the Design and Settings section.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Go to BRANDING: Add your logo, ads, or a footer.

Now you can perform one of the actions below.

Change the branding

  1. Disable Display Riddle branding if you don't want the Riddle logo and brand name to appear under the Riddle.
    You need a Riddle Pro subscription or higher to do this.
  2. Go to Footer branding for logo options.
    Choose between 'No branding' and 'Add your logo' from the dropdown menu.
    'No branding' means there will be no logo or branding in your Riddle. This is possible with Pro, Business, and Full-Service subscriptions.
    For 'Add your logo':
    • Click on Add image.
    • Click on Drag / drop media or click to search your files and select the image you want as your logo.
    • Select the logo orientation, width, and position, and enter the URL link where the picture comes from.
  3. Go to Footer text to enter text that should appear at the bottom of the first block.
    Enable Display on all blocks if you want the text to be on every block in the Riddle.

Insert ads

  1. Enable Display ads above / below your Riddle to set up ads in your Riddle.
    You need a Riddle Business subscription or higher to do this.
    • Enable Show an ad below your Riddle and / or Show an ad above your Riddle.
    • Enter the iframe URL, starting https://.
    • Enter the height in pixels.