The result blocks

Once you've created your Riddle content, create results for your users. There are two options: a result card or a redirect to a URL.

Result card

This is the more traditional of our Riddle result options. You create a result page for your users where they see their score or other text.

Default settings

The results page appears automatically when your users complete the Riddle. You don't have to click on or change anything.

Customized settings

  1. Go to Results under Blocks.
  2. Change the text.
    Click on the "You can do better!" or "Well done" fields. Edit Title and/or Description.
  3. Add more results.
    Click on Add a result block. Choose Result or Redirect to URL.
  4. Change the result calculations.
    Click on Configure results. Drag the blue circle on the scale on the left of the page to adjust the percentage calculations between the various results.

Quiz settings

  1. It's good to create at least three result types (e.g. 0-33%, 34-66%, etc.).
  2. Our default result calculation will automatically show the right result card.
  3. Alternatively, you can manually assign a result card for each path of branching logic.

Poll / survey settings

  1. One result block works well (e.g. "Thanks for voting."), but you can also craft different paths if you're using branching logic.

Personality test settings

  1. Each personality type will automatically be a result block (e.g. "You're Joey from Friends").

Use branching logic

  1. Go to Branching logic & results.
  2. Go to Edit for each result message. Drag the percentage scale left and right to change which percentage leads to which result.
  3. Drag / drop blocks to new locations in the logic / flow on the right.
  4. Hold the Control or Command keys on your keyboard while moving the block.
  5. To include several branches, press Shift while dragging to move branch.

Redirect to URL

Users are automatically redirected to a website when they complete the Riddle.

One URL for all results

  1. Add a block.
    Results A, B, C -> URL A.
    Click on Add a result block.
    Choose Result or Redirect to URL.
    Write the URL in the Content field. Make sure the URL follows this structure: https:// + site name. We recommend copying and pasting the URL you want directly from the website's address bar.
    Add an image / audio / video and enter text into the Title and/or Description fields if you want your users to see visuals or a message before the redirected website appears.
  2. Delay the redirect.
    Click on the Options icon on the right of Content.
    Click on the grey button to switch on the delay function. The default setting is 5 seconds. Type a number or use the up and down arrows to choose the delay in seconds.
  3. Go full-screen to show the website as a full-screen view rather than inside your Riddle's frame.
    Click on the grey button to switch on the full-screen function.

By result

You can send Riddle takers to different URLs, based on their quiz responses. For example, users who got result A -> URL A, those who got result B -> URL B.

  1. Add more results blocks as above.
  2. Use branching logic as above to choose which result should lead to which redirect.