Great question – originally, only our Business and Enterprise plans were multi-user. But our new online quiz maker plans will be multi-user.

multi-user riddle plans
All Riddle plans include multi-user

Collaborate with your clients or colleagues – create/edit interactive content together.

Video overview: Multi-user quiz maker plans

Key features: Multi-users plan

  • Add unlimited numbers of teams – by client or by department – ‘editorial’, ‘marketing’, etc. All of our plans start with one user license but you can add unlimited numbers of additional users for $19 a month each.
  • Individual log-ins – everyone gets their own log-in, and can collaborate and create quizzes together.
  • Different access levels – control editing and publishing with three levels of permissions – admins, editors, and authors. Everyone can create, but only approved people can actually publish content.
  • Team style templates – keep branding consistent. Save your own combinations of your custom fonts, CSS, and other styling. Apply with just a click – saving time and keeping your quizzes brand-consistent.
Riddle team overview
Three different levels of user access

Is there a limit to the number of teams?

Nope – create away. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve seen people set up teams by function – editorial, marketing, etc.

Our multi-user Teams feature is great for agencies working with clients – you can set up a completely separate team workspace for each client. Your internal team can view all teams – but each client will be limited to their own workspace.

Invite the right people to each project – and let their creativity run wild.

How many people can I invite?

There is no limit. We have global publishers using Riddle, with hundreds of user licenses.

Simple invite the people you want to collaborate with – each user license is just $19 a month.

How to add a new team to your account?

  1. Simply click on the top right menu
  2. Then ‘teams’
  3. Name your team, then invite your colleagues (you can see the details about the admin/editor/author access levels here)


Video transcript

(We’re a fully accessible quiz maker – so we like to add these video transcripts to our blog, to help folks who are using screen readers and the like.)

Hi there, my name’s Mike and I’m one of the co-founders over here at Riddle.

Thank you very much for taking a look at Riddle quiz maker. I’m going to give you a quick overview of our team and our multi-user features.

If you have a large organization or if you’re working as an agency across a number of different clients, you can have different teams set up for each workspace or each department.

Just pop over here into our team’s section and you can create a team and each team. Now this is just my demo team, but it could be marketing or sales or client.

Once you create a team and then you’ll invite members by email and each member can have a different level of access. And again, this is really good for different responsibilities.

Administrators are super users. They can set templates, invite people, things like that.

Editors can use the teams and create unlimited content, but they can’t change the structure.

And then authors are great for clients.  Authors can create or edit content, but they can never push publish or push changes live; they’ll need to get an editor or an admin to take a look at it.

And then the other cool thing about our team feature is that you have a team style template.

I’m going to quickly create a quiz here, but when you are a team administrator, you can pop over to our team styles and you can set and save each template. This is brand A, and then every time you make a change, maybe you’ll change the footer to obviously hide Riddle and maybe I’ll change the color to this lovely pink. And then, click save this and this is all saved going forward.

Once you have gone through all of these changes, maybe you’ve gone down to our custom fonts.

And maybe you upload your own font, or want the font to be a Google Font, and maybe you want to change some success as well, once you are all set, you just click save and this is forever usable going forward.

So those are our custom team styles, templates and our team features.

Any questions about that? If you want a quick walkthrough or need additional information, just use our support chat down here and you’ll find that myself, my co-founder, Boris, our entire team actually race each other to respond.

There’s a monthly beer competition involved for the person who answers the most tickets. So we like helping.

So any questions? Just let us know. Thanks again. And Happy Riddling.

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