View, download, and delete Riddle stats

You can view and download all statistics revolving around your Riddle to really get to know and connect with your audience.

View stats

There are two ways to open stats.


open analyze one

  1. Open a Riddle.
  2. Click on ANALYZE.


open analyze two

  1. Go to YOUR RIDDLES.
  2. Hover over a Riddle and click on ANALYZE.

Four ways to analyze your stats

You can filter the stats to a time frame by clicking on the arrow next to ALL TIME and selecting an option.

  1. Under Overview you can see the number of views, starts, completions, completed leads, the average time spent on the Riddle, as well as the number of shares.
    Under the Date range filter, you can also enable Compare with to view two different time frames.
  2. Under Breakdown you can see how many people answered each question in the form of a graph as well as the answers and results for each block.
  3. Under Leads & CTA you can see how many people viewed, skipped, and completed your lead generation form(s). You can also view the number of people who clicked on your CTA (call to action) buttons.
  4. Under Audience, you can see where your audience's location, device, and operating system.

Download stats

download stat

  1. Go to ANALYZE.
  2. Under Overview / Breadown / Audience, click on Download stats.
  3. Done. The stats will download as a CSV file onto your device.c file onto your device.

Delete stats

You can delete stats from any given time period or reset all stats to zero for each Riddle. The data is then no longer stored on the Riddle server.

delete stats one

delete stats two

  1. Click on the three dots next to ALL TIME (or the time frame you selected).
  2. Click on Delete stats.
  3. In the pop-up, check the Yes, do it box and click on OK.