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Challenges for marketers

Growing your email list is a constant challenge for marketers. Sure, email is a bit ‘old school’ – but it’s also consistently effective. Hundreds of top businesses like the NBA’s Chicago Bulls leverage quiz maker lead generation to grow their marketing list. Let’s dive in to explore the psychology behind quizzes and email collection.

If you study lead generation, you know there are probably thousands of products and guidebooks that promise to help you with quiz maker lead generation. Most of them suggest you use some sort of freebie like a free eBook or access to gated content to persuade people to give up their name and email.
That’s all good. But…

How to you attract people to see that sign up form in the first place?

Ideally, you get viral traffic – traffic you don’t pay for. However, this means your lead generation form needs to be so good that people share it.

Quiz maker lead generation – the traffic conundrum

You could achieve virality by giving away an awesome free prize. “Sign up and get a new iPad Pro!” Your server will probably break down within minutes – and most of your traffic will be low quality leads only interested in the prize.

Or you could use a touch of psychology to get people to take your quiz and learn something about themselves. People love discovering things about themselves – which results in viral sharing and free traffic.

Now if there was only an intuitive tool that would let you do that… oh, right – that’s where using Riddle for your quiz maker lead generation comes in.

Quiz maker lead generation – the viral factor

Let’s start with the “share”.
An easy way to get people to share content is to play with their competitive instinct. Build a super tricky quiz and people will share their results. They will either boast how great they are or heckle themselves for knowing nothing about your chosen topic.

Adding a form between the last question and the user’s results can bring in an avalanche of leads.

If you follow our tips on writing an effective online quiz, your quiz takers are very likely to share their results on Twitter and Facebook. They’ll post messages like “Sheesh, I gotta go back to school. I only got 1 out of 7 in this ‘English challenge – can you spell these 7 words?’ quiz.”

Their friends (and friends of friends) will see this message – click, and visit your site to take your quiz as well. Free, high quality word of mouth traffic – the best kind of all!

Quiz maker lead generation – creating the quiz

Let’s say you’re selling an app or an online course to master speaking English.

For lead generation, you could create a quiz titled something like “How many of these common, yet tricky words can you spell correctly?”

The content almost writes itself – after all, English has loads of weird spellings to confound native and non-native speakers alike!

So with your grasp of the subject, it will take you ten minutes tops to put that quiz together.

(Pro tip: One quiz can create multiple posts. Use quiz stats for your next blog post – like “Did you know… 75% don’t know how to spell ‘luscious’?”)

Quiz maker lead generation – the ‘ask’

Here’s another reason why quiz maker lead generation is so powerful. It’s all down (again) to human psychology.

Asking them to give their email address out of the blue is a big ask – people are naturally defensive.

However, with a quiz, your audience will already have been answering questions for a few minutes. So another question: “please type your name and email” – is no longer a big hurdle to jump.

This is especially true when you add an additional incentive – such as ‘sign up to receive a free language guide, eBook or discount voucher’. This will boost sign up rates – your audience will feel like they’re getting something of value in return for signing up. (Want to learn more? Check out our best practices for lead generation in quizzes.)

Quiz lead generation – summary

All in all, you can create your quiz with built-in lead generation in ten minutes or less. And always keep in mind:
More quizzes = more traffic = more leads (and more revenue!)

And that’s not all – once you get all those leads and email addresses flowing from your quiz, you can automatically send them to your email marketing tool using our native integrations to MailChimp and Aweber, or 1,000 other systems with our Zapier app.

And don’t worry about the EU’s GDPR. Riddle is a fully GDPR-compliant quiz maker used by the BBC, the Tate, and hundreds of other high profile brands.

Quiz maker lead generation is a powerful tool to run your own quiz marketing funnel. Engage your audience, qualify each quiz taker as a prospective lead, and automatically send personalized follow up messages around each person’s quiz results.

If you have any questions, just reach out to us via support chat or write us: hello@riddle.com

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