Change the block layout

change the block layout

  1. Go to the Options icon on the right of the question block at the top. Here you can control the layout and answer options for this block.
  2. Set the image size by choosing an option from the dropdown menu with the default From settings.
    Note: Changes you make in a block will override your Riddle-wide choices in the Settings section.
  3. Set the block height by going to Flexible height under Layout on the right.
    The box option is on by default. This resizes your Riddle block automatically based on the amount of text in your block.
    If you want your Riddle block to have a fixed size, click the blue option box on the right. Your audience might then need to scroll up/down to view all of your questions and answers.
  4. Go to the Layout type dropdown menu to choose between Row and Stack block layout by going on the dropdown menu.
    The default setting means your Riddle will 'wrap' extra blocks in new rows, so all answers can be viewed at once. If you prefer not to have this wrapping, click the blue option box on the right. Your audience then need to scroll to view all of the items. We recommend experimenting using our preview option to see what works best for your needs.