How can I use Facebook or other tracking pixels?

Can I use Facebook, DFP, and other tracking pixels in my Riddle quizzes?

Absolutely – you can now fire a Facebook or other tracking pixel when your readers interact with your Riddle or fill in your lead forms.

(We support DFP and other tracking pixels as well. Just skip the next paragraph and continue on below to learn about lead tracking.)


  1. Go beyond mere clicks – find out which ads result in actual quiz or lead forms completions
  2. Each user’s answers – segment them based on their quiz responses for future marketing
  3. Build up Facebook custom audiences – FB will use the data from your ads to suggest similar people. More effective, targeted marketing!

Now, this is too long to cover in a help topic – so please click here to ready more in our blog post.

It’s absolutely worth it if you’re using ads to drive people to your quizzes. You’ll save money – and get more new customers.