Adding quiz leads and responses to Google Sheets

How to use Google Sheets for quiz data storage:

Google Sheets is a powerful part of the Google Drive and GSuite package – and is one of the most flexible spreadsheet programs around.

You can easily connect your Riddle quizzes with any of your Google Sheets – automatically sending all leads and quiz responses in real time.

Why save to Google Sheets?

We recommend using our ‘save to Google’ option (Pro/Enterprise feature) instead of ‘save to Riddle’. It’s better from a GDPR perspective – as this way, all your leads’ personal information will go directly to Google, and never touch Riddle’s servers.

(That’s why we include this default text below for your users if you’ve selected the ‘save to Riddle’ option.)

Plus you can instantly see an updated list of all leads and their quiz responses – with no need to download them as a XLS/CSV file.

  • For most folks, Google Sheets can be used for free with a Google Mail account.
  • According to Google, storing data in Google Sheets is GDPR-compliant.
  • This means you can safely store your Riddle lead data there and still be in compliance with the strict EU data privacy regulations.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions from Google though, which includes signing a data privacy agreement with them.
  • One final note – we’re not lawyers and things in the legal world change all the time. So please double check that Google is still compliant with GDPR – and chat with your lawyer for their legal opinion.

Setting up the Google Sheets <> Riddle connection:

1. Create a Google Sheet

  • Name the columns for each piece of data you want to store from your Riddle.
    • IMPT: Column names must start with a letter – Google freaks out and adds blank columns if you use special characters (ex. you should use Number, not #Number – as a column name).
  • For example, imagine you wanted to store an email and a name from the lead form plus the test result.
  • In this case, you’d type “Name” in Column A/Row 1, “Email” in Column B/Row 1 and “Testresult” in Column C/Row 1

Setting up a Google Sheet for Riddle Quiz Maker

2. Name the Google Sheet – this will save your sheet automatically.

3. Set up a Riddle quiz and include a Lead Form in the ‘Collect Leads’ step.

If you are not seeing the “Auto-save quiz leads and responses to any Google Sheet” option, you might have the “Save with Riddle” option activated. You can either save leads to Google Sheets or save them with Riddle.

Want to switch from saving with Riddle to saving in a Google Sheet, please disable the “Save with Riddle” option first. To disable it, hover your mouse over the green “Save” card on the left and click the trash can icon as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Delete save to riddle option

4. Under Step 3: “Save” – select “Google Sheets”.

5. Click on “Login to your Google Account” to connect Riddle with Google – then follow the steps Google sends you through to authenticate your account. (For technical reasons, Riddle needs permission to view and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive. If you cannot grant that permission, alas you will not be able to use Google Sheets with Riddle.)

Allow Google Access for Riddle Quiz Maker

6. Copy your spreadsheet URL and paste it into the form on Riddle.

  • The ID is the strange looking letter and number combination that shows up right after the “’ of your sheet’s URL – see the example below:

Google Sheet successfully connected

7. Does your Google Sheet has multiple tabs or worksheets? Select the correct worksheet in the dropdown on the right – then hit the blue refresh button.

8. Riddle will now display your column headers from row 1 of your sheet. You can now map data from your lead form or quiz as shown in the example below.

Riddle Data Mapped to a google sheet

9. Once you mapped all fields, continue setting up your Riddle and hit publish.

10. IMPORTANT: We always recommend testing your connection to Google Sheets. Take your quiz and sending a few demo leads – just to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Mapping quiz question answers – and right/wrong to Google Sheets

You can also save the question answers – plus whether each user got each question right or wrong.

We whipped up this quick demonstration walkthrough here – but you can always ask for help on support chat. 

You can also take a look at our sample spreadsheet here – where we mapped our quiz lead data and quiz answers.

Any questions about mapping quiz data to Google Sheets?

If you run into trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact us via support chat or… we respond super quickly. 🙂