The Riddle Zapier app

We’ve been big fans of Zapier for some time now (and are pumped about our new Riddle Zapier app). Zapier makes it easy to connect Riddle quizzes with nearly any email marketing or other data system – no coding required.

This is a big win for our Riddle community, plus a huge advantage for a lean team like ours – we can support one app instead of the 30+ we often get requests for.

Before you get started with Zapier, please read these super important bullet points:

  1. Only ONE Zapier ‘zap’ per Riddle => Zapier is awesome, but it likes to concentrate on one thing at a time. Connecting the same Riddle to multiple zaps confuses Zapier – and all of your zaps won’t work.
  2. Webhook or Zapier – never both => If you’re using Zapier, please do NOT enable the webhook in the same Riddle. You’ll end up feeling super popular – as each user will result in double entries.
  3. ‘Dynamic data’ when testing => Don’t worry about the ‘dynamic data’ message when Zapier tests your Riddle. Testing will not send live data – but your zap will return each user’s unique information once your zap is live.
  4. Who’s this ‘’ guy? => We added a sample email – “” – to help test the set up step. This email might get added to your zap – so once finished, please delete this record in your email marketing tool. 
  5. Just set up a lead form on Riddle – no need to do anything else. When using zapier, make sure to not select any of our connectors (like MailChimp or Aweber). Just set up a lead form and then follow the steps below to install our zapier app and connect that to your Riddle.

The Riddle Zapier app back story

Initially, we enabled through our custom webhook. It worked well – but took some extra steps and was a bit limited as well.

So we took our integration to the next level – we’ve just built a free native app for Zapier.

Our Zapier app is in beta – so you’ll need to access it here:

What’s new about the Riddle Zapier app?

First – it’s fast. Lightning fast. Get set up and running in just a minute or two – no coding required.

More important – our app now lets you map all your Riddle quiz data. You can send quiz answers, responses, lead info and anything else to fields in your CRM or any other Zapier app (like Google Docs).

For example, you could map:

  • all fields from the Riddle lead form (name, email, etc.)
  • plus each lead’s answers to questions
  • and their overall results

The benefit to you?

You can easily create automatic processes that kick off once your reader completes a Riddle. Here are just a few ways you could use our Zapier app:

  • Add each lead’s data plus their Riddle answers and overall result to your email marketing or CRM tool
  • Segment leads – use this data to automatically put each lead into a different list (based on their results) – and send the perfect follow up message around their quiz answers.
  • Manage statistics – send all the data from your Riddle quiz to a Google spreadsheet to build your own reporting
  • Send detailed follow ups – send an email to your reader with the quiz result and additional explanation
  • 1,000,000 other ideas – Zapier supports 750 other applications. If you can think of it, Zapier can probably do it.

Riddle Zapier app

How to use the Riddle Zapier App

It’s easy to get started.

  1. First, create the Riddle you want to connect to Zapier. For most use cases, we recommend adding a lead form – so you can collect a user’s name/email (unless you want to use zapier merely for extended statistics collection).
  2. Sign up for a free account at (the free account should be sufficient in the beginning)
  3. Click ‘create a new ZAP’.
  4. In the ‘Choose a Trigger App’, search for Riddle Quiz Maker.
  5. You’ll need to give permission for Zapier to talk to your Riddle quiz – by copying/pasting the plugin token from Riddle (in the ‘Plugins Menu’)Riddle Zapier app
  6. Copy the token into the authentication box on Zapier and you are almost ready to go.

Choosing your Riddle quiz:

  • Now select a Riddle you want to connect.
  • Please note that if your Riddle is brand new, it might take a few minutes for it to show up in the list.
  • Also, make sure to pick the right team first before selecting a Riddle (if you are on our enterprise plan and using teams)

Sending your quiz data

Now you’ve connected your Riddle quiz to your Zap, you now get to tell what to do with the Riddle data.

You can send quiz leads and responses to:

  • ConvertKit
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • SalesForce
  • Google Docs
  • or any of the hundreds of apps supported by Zapier

Lets look at two examples: MailChimp and Google Docs

Riddle Zapier app

Sending quiz data to Mailchimp

Sure Riddle supports MailChimp’s API – but MailChimp’s API is pretty limited.

If you want to collect more than just name and email from your lead form, you need to add fields to your MailChimp list.

  1. Go to your list’s settings – and add more fields

Riddle Zapier app

  1. Check out our above example above. We added the fields “Birthday” and “quizresult” to a standard MailChimp list. These will be filled with data from the Riddle.
  2. To fill the MailChimp list, simply map the fields from your Riddle to the corresponding MailChimp fields.
  3. Hit continue and you are done.
  4. Note: for MailChimp setup to work, we needed to add a sample email to the Zap Setup. You might end up seing a new lead called “” in your lists. Simply delete that in MailChimp when you are done with the setup.

Send Riddle data to a Google Doc

This is a great way to collect individual stats for your Riddle, even if you do not have a lead form connected.

For each person who takes your Riddle quiz, poll or other content, a new line will be added to a Google Spreadsheet – so you can collect all the data you like and process it your way.

  • Follow the basic steps above to connect Riddle.
  • Create a Google Spreadsheet with a column for each data point you want to capture.
  • Make sure to give the column a good heading, which will make it easy to map the Riddle data later.

Riddle Zapier app

Check out my example sheet – designed to capture data from Riddle’s lead form as well as the data from the questions answered in a two question quiz.

  • Columns A, B, F and G are filled from the lead form.
  • Columns C, D, E are the quiz data

Riddle Zapier app

  • Give your Google sheet a name and go back to Zapier.
  • Select the Google Sheets Zap – “Create Spreadsheet row” as the next step.
  • (Note – you’ll need to wait a few minutes for Google to update with the newly created sheet.)

Riddle Zapier app

Then – just as in the MailChimp example – simply map the Riddle fields to the available columns in your Google sheet.

Riddle Zapier app

Riddle Zapier app – summary

Whew – it might have sounded like a lot to throw at you, but Zapier is kinda/sorta like riding a bike. The first time is a little complicated – but it gets much, much easier every time after that.

Riddle Zapier app

We’re really excited – Zapier is such a powerful, flexible way to connect Riddle quiz to almost any system on the planet.

If you’re stuck, or curious about how our Riddle Zapier app could help your particular marketing needs, please drop us a line at

(We’re big customer service geeks at Riddle – everyone from the CEO down answers questions. When we’re online, you can expect a super fast answer. Everyone on the team race each other to respond first.) 🙂