Security, privacy, play again

  1. Go to the Settings section and click on SECURITY / PRIVACY / PLAY AGAIN.
    go to settings security

Now you can perform one of the actions below.

Limit plays / votes

  1. Enable One play / vote per browser to limit users to take a Riddle or vote once per browser.
  2. Enable the "Play again" button to let users participate and vote multiple times from the same browser.
    one play

Enhance security

  1. Enable Enhanced security to limit how many votes can come from the same IP address. This makes it harder for bots and scripts to affect your poll.
    Please note: This does NOT mean each poll taker can take your poll a set numbers of times (ex. "4 times per user"). That is still capped at once per browser.
    • Set a time period for your 'limit by IP address' - one day, one hour, or one minute.
    • Enter the number of takes that can come from a single IP address (10 is recommended).

    Use case: Let X people in the same office who share the same IP address vote.
    Please note: We never store the actual IP addresses of your audience on our servers. Riddle is an EU-based, GDPR-compliant quiz maker so we don't store personal information like this. Find out more about's privacy policy here.
    enhanced security
  1. Enable Privacy Opt-ins (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter) to add consent boxes for users to click before viewing the content on these sites.
    This is to add another step of consent because YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter add cookies to any of their content that is embedded in your Riddle.
    • Enter a message you want to appear in the Privacy text fields (if you want).
    • Enter your preferred text into the Privacy text button field for what the button the audience have to press should say.

    privacy consent
    privacy consent given