Custom offset

Custom offset means your Riddle always displays perfectly to every user rather than jumping up and down between questions.

  1. Go to the PUBLISH step.
  2. Click on Embed / Showcase.
  3. Click on ADVANCED.
  4. Enable Auto scroll.
  5. Enable Use a 'sticky' header on your site.
  6. Measure the height of your menu bar in pixels. Chrome has some free extensions like this one. Alternatively, start with 150px and adjust as needed.
  7. Enter the height into the Auto scroll offset field.
    Your Riddle will be pushed down that amount so it will always appear below it.
  8. Click on the blue COPY button.
  9. Re-embed your Riddle.
    Riddles normally update automatically but this feature will change your original embed settings so you need to paste it again.