Project roles

You can assign a role to each project member. You can choose a default role or select the rights each user in your project should have.


The most powerful project role

Admins can:

  • Templates: they can create and modify project style templates, including the project's default style template.
  • Team members: admins can invite or delete project members, as well as set roles
  • Can create, publish, and delete any type of Riddle content


Ideal for the majority of your project members

Editors can:

  • Can create and publish any type of Riddle content
  • Cannot delete content
  • Can apply, but not change, templates


Designed for junior members of your project, interns, or freelancers

Authors can:

  • Can create content
  • Cannot publish or delete content
  • Authors will see a "You don't have publishing rights" message in the publish step.

Top tips

  • You can create unlimited workspaces / projects with Riddle and then invite any of your colleagues or clients for $19 per month (see our pricing here).
  • Don't worry - each user can belong to any number of projects. They will only be counted as a single user.
  • Create a minimum of two projects, one for finished Riddles, the other for drafts.
  • When your team finalizes a quiz, they should transfer the quiz to the finished project.

Additional project ideas

You might also want to add projects separated by:

  • Language
    You might be supporting sites across multiple languages, so we recommend Riddle's publishing partners create projects for each language (French, Spanish, etc.).
  • Department
    One project for marketing, another for editorial, and so on.
  • Client
    This is especially true for agencies using Riddle. Client-specific projects help them collaborate while limiting their visibility and access to their content only.