Use Gmail with SMTP

You can set up emails to be sent from your own server, rather than Riddle's server.

  1. In Riddle, click on the settings icon in the top right corner.
  2. Go to CUSTOM MESSAGING and click on Company data for e-mails.
    This is required by the CAN-SPAM Act before sending out emails to your leads.
    go to company data for e-mails
  3. Fill out all fields.
    company data for e-mails
  4. Click on SAVE CHANGES.
  5. Go to your Gmail or Google Account and log in.
  6. Go to Security.
  7. Click on the arrow next to 2-Step Verification.
  8. Confirm your password and click Next.
  9. Confirm the login with your 2FA device.
  10. Scroll down to App passwords and click on the arrow next to App passwords.
    google app passwords
  11. Under Select app, select Other.
  12. Enter a name, e.g. riddle.
  13. Click on GENERATE.
  14. In the pop-up that appears, copy the app password, including the spaces.
    generated app password
  15. In Riddle, go to SMTP.
  16. Enter your email in the Username field.
  17. Paste the password into the Password field.
  18. Click on Advanced setting (port & encryption mode).
  19. The information should be as follows:
    Port: 587
    Encryption: TLS
    smtp gateway verified
  21. You will receive a test email from Google.
    smtp test screen