We added a whitelist your domain’ feature by popular request.

why whitelist your domains on Riddle?

Designed to increase the security of your Riddle content, we can ensure your quizzes will only display on the sites you choose.

Some unscrupulous people would copy embed codes from Riddle users – then embed them on their own sites.

Whitelisting your domains will stop all of that – cold.

Why whitelisting your domains works

Whitelisting is simple to implement – and powerfully effective.

How does whitelisting work on Riddle?
How does whitelisting your domains work?

Any time a riddle is embedded on a site, our systems will check to make sure the domain matches your pre-approved list of domains.

For example, imagine Claire’s Career Coaching created an amazing Riddle personality test and embedded it on their site (e.g. www.clairescareercoaching.com):

  • Some sneaky person saw that test and thought ‘That would look great on my own site!’.
  • They look at the source code of Claire’s site (it’s easy) and copy it to their own site – www.examplesneakysite.com.
  • Our system checks Claire’s list of approved domains.
  • Since the ‘Sneaky site’ is not on Claire’s whitelist, the embedded riddle wouldn’t display. Hurrah!

How to authorize your domains

It’s easy to whitelist your domains on Riddle.

Whitelisting only affects Riddle 2.0

IMPT: Whitelisting only applies to Riddle 2.0 content.

Any quizzes or other content created with Riddle 1.0 are not affected by this feature.

  • Go to ‘Add/manage domains’
  • Click ‘Add domain’
  • Enter any domains (e.g. yoursite.com & yourothersite.com) you want to embed your riddles on.
  • Only top-level domains are needed (e.g. yoursite.com but NOT yoursite.com/quiz)
Go to ‘Add/edit domains’
‘Manage your domain’ section
Add your new domain (e.g. ‘yoursite.com’)

Whitelisting on Wix sites

Wix is a special case. They serve all content from their domain (usrfiles.com) – not your domain.

Adding your domain won’t work, unfortunately.

If you’re using Wix, please be sure to add usrfiles.com when adding domains to your Riddle account.

Embedding your Riddle content on Wix

For more information, please read our in-depth post about adding your Riddle quiz to a Wix site.

Any questions about whitelisting your domains on Riddle?

Please give us a shout on support chat.

We’d be happy to help out with any question about protecting your content with our ‘whitelist your domains’ feature – or anything else quiz-related.

And we’re fast. You’ll get a response quickly – our whole product team drops everything to respond to customer questions.