Welcome to Riddle 2.0! Two years in the making, Riddle 2.0 is the most flexible and powerful online quiz maker on the planet.

Riddle 2.0 is not just an incremental improvement.

Nope, we started over from scratch. It’s the result of our rethinking and redesigning Riddle from the ground up – based on all the Riddle user feedback we’ve received since launching Riddle way, way back in 2014.

VIDEO: 5-minute intro to Riddle 2.0

Want to see Riddle 2.0 in action?

Check out this quick introduction – covering how to use Riddle’s new block-based quiz and lead generation builder, styles, layouts, and more:

Introduction to Riddle’s online quiz maker

2.0: our mix/match block-based quiz maker

One of the most common questions we got from our community? “Can I mix and match questions from different Riddle formats?”

Riddle 2.0 - block-based online quiz maker

In 1.0, we offered 15 different types of interactive content – including 4 types of quizzes and 6 types of polls.

The big weakness? Users often wanted to use a variety of question formats in a single riddle. And that wasn’t possible… until now.

With Riddle 2.0, we’ve condensed all the features and functionality of 15 formats into five new ones.

Riddle 2.0 compared with 1.0 - more flexible online quiz creator

Mix/match quiz and lead form builder

A key innovation?

In 2.0, we shifted to a much more flexible, block-based quiz builder.

Riddle 1.0 had a pretty rigid structure:

  1. Title card
  2. Questions
  3. Lead form
  4. Results
  • Want your lead form at the beginning? No problem.
  • Creating a quiz?
  • Want to ask an assortment of multiple-choice, free text, order it, and tap and find questions? We’ve got you covered.

Online quiz example

Check out this screenshot from our demo quiz around the classic TV show Friends.

It uses single & multiple choice, tap & find, order it, and free text questions… all in a single riddle.

Neat, right?

Riddle 2.0 - mix/match online quiz maker

Poll and survey in Riddle 2.0

How about a poll or survey?

Now you can use all of Riddle’s question types – including upvote, reaction poll, as well as our flexible multiple-choice and other formats.

Flexible lead generation

This block-based philosophy carries over to our lead generation options.

In Riddle 1.0, you could only include your lead form in one place – between the last question and the user’s results.

Sure, that location converted well (up to 45% of quiz takers), but our quiz maker community wanted more flexibility.

Now in Riddle 2.0, you can collect emails and other data in any location.

Riddle 2.0 - more flexible lead generation and quiz personalization

For example, you could:

  • Put your form at the beginning of the riddle
  • Break your riddle into smaller ‘blocks’.

We’re big fans of this ‘incremental’ approach – it’s much more natural and engaging than a standard lead generation form.

  • Ask for their name at the start
    • (“Hi – before we start, what’s your name?”)
  • Now, let’s imagine they enter ‘Bob’…
  • Use that to personalize the riddle
    • (“Hi Bob – great to meet you. What’s your biggest worry as a business owner?”)
  • Ask follow-up questions through the riddle.
    • (“What are your top two marketing channels?”)
  • Finally, ask for their email at the end.
    • (“Bob – what’s your email? We’d love to send you your personalized quiz assessment.”)

Branching logic / logic jump

This was a big, big request from our community.

In 1.0, we had branching logic – but only in our ‘journey’ format.

Now, we’re adding it to every one of our riddles in Riddle 2.0 – from quizzes to polls and personality tests.

Riddle 2.0 - branching logic or logic jumps in every online quiz maker format

The use cases are endless:

  1. Check for comprehension – if a user answers incorrectly, ask several follow-up questions to make sure they understand the concept.
  2. Challenge your audience – start with easy questions, then ask harder and harder ones for the users who keep getting them right.
  3. Dive deeper with polls/surveys – surveys are powerful audience feedback tools. Got a negative response? Ask follow-up open questions (“We’d love to learn why you feel that way…”)

Scoring: answer & question-level

We also took the opportunity to give you lots (and lots) of flexibility when it comes to scoring.

In Riddle 1.0 – we had just ‘question-level’ scoring.

For example, you might ask “What’s the capital of France?”. Anyone who answers Paris would get one point.

In Riddle 2.0, you have far more flexibility:

  1. Question-level scoring – set a point total if the user gets the question correct.
  2. Answer-level scoring – individual points (positive or negative) for each answer.
Riddle 2.0 - question level scoring for online quiz maker
Riddle 2.0 - answer level scoring for online quiz maker

In this example, users would get 4 points if they selected the correct answer ‘pizza’.

But we also want to reward users who were close – so ‘sandwiches’ (Joey’s 2nd favorite food) would get a point.

And finally, we decided that anyone who picked ‘vegetables’ obviously doesn’t know Joey – so we would give them a negative score (-4).

Riddle 2.0: layouts & palettes

When you create a quiz or poll with Riddle, you’ll want to be sure it matches your site and brand.

We stepped up how much you customize in Riddle 2.0 – just check all of these options:

Riddle 2.0 - custom palettes and customizations

And best of all?

You’ll be able to save each palette for future use.

Personality test 2.0

We’re proud of our completely revamped personality test.

Some of the features we included:

  • Attributes / sub-categories – go one level deeper than personality results. For a Harry Potter quiz, you will be able to show users a primary result (‘You’re Harry/Hermione/Ron’) but also secondary attributes (‘You scored 95% for valor, 67% for honesty, 73% for IQ’)
  • Conditional text – show ‘text A’ if user scores low on an attribute or result, ‘B’ if they get medium, and ‘C’ if they score high. Automatically craft personalized assessments, tailored to each user.
  • Branching logic – just like all of our riddle interactive content formats.
  • Multiple correct answers – why limit your quiz takers to just one answer. You can let them choose as many as apply.
  • Back button – we know people like to change their minds. They’ll be able to go back to previous questions and change their answers.
Riddle personality test 2.0 – with attributes, multiple results, & more

Riddle 2.0 – we’re just getting started

It’s super difficult to condense in the many (!) improvements we’ve incorporated into our quiz maker 2.0.

We’ve rethought and remade every aspect, from how you display images to improving how you publish your riddles.

And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s a sampling of what we’re working on:

  • Custom landing pages – skip the need to embed by using your own quiz landing page with your URL, logo, colors, text, and more.
  • Multiple embed types – easily display your riddles as pop-ups, full-page experiences, banners, and other formats.
  • Your own image library – save and reuse images you’ve already uploaded to riddle in future riddles.
  • Leaderboards – we already have a leaderboard feature in Riddle 1.0, but it requires a plug-in. In 2.0, you’ll be able to add leaderboards directly into your riddles.
  • Collect payments from your audience – quizzes are fantastically engaging experiences. Soon, you’ll be able to collect payments from quiz takers – ideal for using Riddle to power your course or other offerings.