Got a Wix site and want to add any of Riddle’s 15 content formats?

The good news is that we’ve made it simple for you to do – no coding required.

(If you’re new to Wix, we’re pretty impressed – they’ve done a brilliant job of creating a website builder for non-coders. It’s easy to use – and is even utilized by high end pro clients like the Premier League’s Manchester City FC.)

Video tutorial: embedding on Wix

Here’s our three minute quick video – showing you how to get up and running:

How to embed your riddle on Wix

Want the text version? Let’s get started…

  1. Your first step will be to create some room for your Riddle content on your Wix site.
  2. You can either make a new empty spot – or delete any existing content blocks in your Wix page.
  3. In this example, we’ll be adding a new ‘HTML embed’ section.

(Oh and don’t fret about getting the size absolutely spot on – you can always tweak it a bit later.)

Right – next, you’ll want to actually pop in the embed code for your Riddle quiz or other format:

  • In the left menu, select ‘add’.
  • Click on ‘more’
  • And finally, ‘HTML iFrame’

Great – now that you have an iFrame placeholder in your Wix site:

  • Go to and get your embed code from (you can find this in the ‘publish’ step’ when editing your riddle). 
  • Now pop back to WIX – then resize your iFrame by clicking/dragging the handlebars.
    • Width: make it as wide as your site.
    • Height: you’ll need to experiment – depending on how your quiz, but we recommend trying between half and 75% high.
  • Click on ‘paste code’ and paste in your riddle’s embed code.

We’re sorry for all these steps – our quiz maker has a super flexible standard embed code, that resizes automatically in all sorts of CMS tools (like our WordPress plug-in or in Squarespace).

However, Wix has set up their website builder to not allow this – which isn’t ideal.

(We even built and submitted a plug-in to make things easier – but alas, they chose to not accept it.)

Embed your quiz on Wix – last steps

Hurrah, you’re just about set having your riddle on your Wix site!

For the final tweaks:

  • You may want to shift things around or drag your HTML iFrame height/width controls a bit – to give your riddle enough room.
  • Click ‘save’ and then ‘preview’ to see your Riddle quiz in action.
  • We recommend checking the mobile view too – you might need to adjust things here as well.

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