Riddle quiz maker is localized in 67 languages

Riddle is a global quiz maker – we’ve localized our quiz creator into 67 languages (and counting!). From Chinese to Croatian, Gaelic to Greek, you can quickly build your own Riddle quizzes, personality tests, and more in your own languages.

Using right to left languages like Farsi, Arabic, or Hebrew? How about glyphs or tricky characters (we’re looking at you Burmese)? Riddle handles them without breaking a sweat.

We really want to make sure, that you can provide the best experience for your audience – no matter where they are!

How to change the language of your riddle

Changing the language of any Riddle is easy:

  • Go to the Settings of your Riddle
  • Under “Global controls” => “Language”: Select the language you like
How to change the language of your Riddle (Riddle quizmaker supports 67 languages)

You can also do that for any Riddle you have already embedded – it will automatically update after you publish.

How to handle multiple languages for the same quiz

Are you creating quizzes for more than one language at a time? Riddle makes this very scalable with our ‘duplicate’ function.
This is especially useful if you’re rolling out quiz contests or lead generation campaigns across multiple sites.

  1. Create your quiz in the language of your choice.
  2. Add images and all other content – then press the ‘Publish’ button in the ‘Publish’ step.
  3. Go to ‘My Riddles’ – and click on the three dots by your Riddle, then ‘Duplicate’.
  4. Voila! You’ll have a fresh quiz copy. No need to re-upload images, etc. – you just need to change the questions and other text.
How to duplicate a Riddle
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