Show your video ad in each quiz

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Did you know that you could embed your own video ad in each quiz with Riddle’s Team plan?

Riddle’s quiz maker features a great way for you to monetize your quizzes. At the end of the quiz – right before you show the result – you can show a video ad instead of a lead generation form.

Example video ad as interstitial

The benefits? The placement of your video ad gets awesome engagement rates.

We show the ad after the last question, when your audience are most emotionally engaged. Having spent up to five minutes answering questions, they are not going to click away before seeing their results.

Pro tip: You can also hide the continue button – showing their results after the end of the video (or after a few seconds into the video). This guarantees their full attention – and all these completed video views mean higher ad rates for you.)

Show your own video ad (or your clients’)

Instead of a lead generation form, Riddle’s quiz maker lets you to load your own custom iFrame instead of a lead gen form. We added this feature to give you maximum flexibility in how you want to display your video ad.

(Updated: May 21, 2020 – now you can directly add your own MP4 videos or video ads directly to our lead form, with no coding required.

Check out these two movie trailer examples from sporting publisher 90min:

Our CEO Boris loves burgers – and whipped up the example below… complete with a video ad unit after question #2:

We also delayed showing the continue button for a few seconds.

The goal? Make everyone start watching the video ad – but let them skip ahead if they didn’t like it to see their results.

Embed a video ad to your quiz:

Custom Video ad in Riddle Quiz Maker
  1. In the ‘Collect leads’ step, select ‘Custom iFrame’
  2. Upload an HTML file with the code to load the video ad unit to your server.
  3. Enter the URL of that file into the URL box in Riddle
  4. (Please note: You’ll need to be subscribed to our Team plan to use this feature.)

You can use our sample HTML code below to save time. Just replace the URL of the original video file – and (optional) alter the delay timer for the continue button.

Our example:

  • Launches video only after the video frame is shown
  • Hides the continue button for 20 seconds – to force the viewer to watch the video
  • Clicking the continue button sends a trigger back to Riddle – to display the user’s result page

Three key steps:

  • Please make sure that the video and the html file with the code loading the video are hosted on a SSL secured site.
  • This mean, the URL needs to start with HTTPS://
  • Otherwise, browsers will show an error message as you cannot load non secured content into a secure iFrame.
  • If your video ad is not playing on Chrome, set the video default to “mute”. Chrome has a new feature where it blocks content that autoplays audio. This is not related to Riddle in any way 🙂 – you can read more about it here on Stackoverflow.

That’s all there is to it… have any questions? Just let us know at – we’re happy to help you configure your video ad to run in our quiz maker.

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