How to find free images that turn your quizzes into online masterpieces

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It used to be hard work finding free images to use in your lists, quizzes and polls. If you’re promoting yourself you can’t just pluck any images out of a Google search. There are all sorts of copyright implications. Unfortunately paying for stock images doesn’t make life much easier. Standard stock images are often bland or clichéd and scream out “I’m a stock image!”. Then there are the complicated payment systems. A certain number of downloads a day that disappear if you don’t use them, a restricted number of images per month or limited access to particular galleries of photos – the ones you really need.

There are now loads of sources of free images you can use for online content

The rise of social media and online publication tools such as our quiz maker created a big need for high quality free images and, as usual, the online entrepreneurs have responded. You can now choose from a variety of sites offering free images that can be used for almost anything. You need to check the rules for each site as some require attribution but mostly you can download the images and use them as you wish. The main restriction is selling the images, which seems perfectly reasonable!

We’ve put together a quick list of some of the better sites we’ve seen and used.

7 sites to get beautiful free photos to use for viral content (no attribution needed)

Less than a year ago the search for compelling free images was a frustrating task that everyone hated. You used to have to pay for high quality images or make do with dire images that might as well be watermarked with ‘Boring stock photo’.
Fret no more! Here are a selection of sites offering intriguing images that can be used for all projects.
*Disclaimer: Things change so do quickly check their agreement details before using the sites.

Getty Images – via Riddle!

You can join the A-list with Getty Images’ ground-breaking new service where you can search for images of your favorite celebrity or any topic that comes to mind. The only drawback is that you can’t use Getty images for the title photo of your riddle as social media sites won’t show it when you share it..
Other than that the massive Getty library is at your fingertips – just don’t take Getty images you see on general search engines like on a Google search. They have to include the link you see on the above photo of Shakira.

One of the first free image sites and one of the best. See here for their terms and conditions. As a basic rule – you can use them for anything without attribution, apart from “Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive, unless they give their consent.” (The title image also comes from Pexels)

All free to use – terms and conditions here

Some amazing landscape images and much more. All free to use. Terms and conditions here

These images are all provided by one person Ryan McGuire. It’s all free to use but you can buy him a coffee if you like.

Regular updates of new photos. Terms and conditions are here. (New Old Stock)

A selection of old photos that are thought to be free of copyright. Some images may need attribution – see conditions here.

A free image still needs to ‘speak a thousand words’

You’ve filled your quiz or list with free images and it looks great. But does it look as good as it could be? Interactive content needs both compelling writing and images that grab the reader’s attention. The old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words applies but you can turn them into ten thousand words if people love your work enough to share it with their friends.

Free image of hipster man Make sure you have chosen images that sum up, challenge, amplify or contradict the text. You need a strong reaction. It could be a deep belly laugh as the image perfectly sums up a situation or a silent nod of agreement. Don’t always go for images that match your personality unless your content is for this particular niche. If you are writing a personality test that is aimed at generating leads from sole traders for your accountancy business you don’t want to populate it with images of hipsters – unless you’re targeting business from this demographic.

Adapting free images to create a powerful ‘hero image’

Not only do you now have access to lots of high quality free images, there are also free tools like that allow you to easily add design elements to your images. Photoshop is a fantastic tool if you’ve a) got access to it or b) have taken the time to learn how to use it.

The lead (or hero) image of your quiz is the one that is displayed on your social media shares. Obviously the more compelling this image, the more people will take your quiz. You might have found the perfect image that sings to the heart of your quiz but a few extra touches can persuade a lot more people to click on your quiz. It also makes your free image your own.

Canva is very easy to use and has lots of useful templates for specific types of content.

So what are you waiting for? Get creating today with our quiz maker tools!

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