How call-to-action buttons in your quiz boost sales and sign ups!

Riddle’s quiz maker has marketing superpowers. Sure, quizzes are great at engaging your audience – people love to take and share them with their friends.
But did you know that you can add call to action quiz buttons to any Riddle test, list, or poll – perfect for presenting special offers targeted to their quiz results.

Adding a CTA button is easy and effective

Online ads are becoming more and more outdated. ‘Banner blindness’ is increasing – and 27% of people use ad blockers to avoid seeing ads entirely.

Using quizzes as part of your marketing funnel turns this on its head. Instead of using banner ads that no one wants to see, quizzes get your audience excited and clicking as they answer questions. You can find out what makes them tick – and present custom offers to the right person at the right time.

On average, we’ve seen an incredible 13% of quiz takers click on a call-to-action button.
You think that’s awesome? Compare that with the typical 0.1% (that’s one in a thousand!) clickthrough rates for online ads.

Call to action quiz buttons – how do they work?

We’ve made Riddle to be super flexible, so you have two options: present the same offer to all quiz or personality test takers or show different offers based on each person’s results.

Present the same offer to all quiz takers

Go to the ‘Customize’ step in the quiz creation process and click on ‘Call to action’ to add a customizable ‘buy now’ button to the last page of your quiz.
It is fully customizable, you can change the color, location, and look and feel – to match your site’s look and feel.

Imagine you run a travel site. You could place a ‘Save 25% on Hawaii vacations’ button (or Paris, Africa, etc.) at the end of your ‘What’s my dream trip?’ quiz.
Your ‘buy now’ button would link to your site’s purchase page for their holiday package (we used Wikitravel in our example).

Present different offers (based on quiz or personality test responses)

Go to each result type for your quiz or personality test Click the ‘Call to action’ switch for each result.
Add in compelling text. For example, in our vacation example – you could show ‘Save 25% on your Hawaii holiday’ to beach lovers, and ‘Save 25% on your Paris getaway’. These buttons will display in the user’s results screen – when they’re most ready to act.

Note: you can’t mix and match CTA settings. Option 1 is a quiz-wide setting and will override any individual CTA buttons you set using option 2.

Call to action quiz buttons – live example

Take a look at this example quiz we created – around cybersecurity. People who score well are presented with a discount code and a call to action that links to ‘advanced security courses. People who aren’t as cyber-savvy are presented with a button that links to a special offer for basic cybersecurity classes.

Call to action quiz buttons – best practices

There’s almost no limit to how you use ‘call to action’ buttons. Whatever the quiz format – they’re perfectly placed to capture your audience’s attention. Coming at the end of your Riddle quiz, your readers have just received their results and are now subconsciously thinking ‘What’s next?’.

We’ve been seriously impressed, watching our community leverage this to their advantage by adding ‘call to action’ buttons to promote:

  • Sales – offer discounts on specific products that match each user’s quiz results
  • Sign ups – get more subscribers to newsletters
  • Suggested content – promote additional articles, around the audience’s tastes

Call-to-action buttons in your quiz boost sales and sign ups – a summary

Right – that’s enough for now. We hope that you’re as excited as we are about this new feature on Riddle’s quiz creator.
Big thanks to our community who suggested this! (Our team is always looking for new ideas to continually make Riddle more useful. Please ask us in support chat or drop us a line at – our founders read and reply to every message!)

And now – start creating a quiz that helps you boost your sales (with Call-to-action buttons) on Riddle

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