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Add your Riddle quiz to your WIX site

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WIX offers a very easy to use homepage builder that’s one of the most popular on the market (used by the global football/soccer powerhouse Manchester City). If you’ve chosen to use Wix to create your site because WordPress or coding it through HTML site sounds a little intimidating, Riddle’s quiz creator has got you covered. You can adding a Riddle to your WIX site is just a minute.

3 Easy Steps to Embed a Riddle on Wix.com

Adding Riddle to WIX - first create some empty space

First, you will need to make some room for the Riddle. Just clean out a section or create a new empty section to place your Riddle.

Make it large enough to fit your Riddle type. Quizzes and polls are pretty compact, while a rolled out top 10 list will need a lot of space.

Don’t worry too much about perfect sizing at this point – WIX makes it super easy to resize everything.

Adding Riddle to WIX - Add HTML Code to the page

Now that you have some space for your Riddle, click on the + sign in the left menu bar and scroll all the way down to “More”. From the fly-out menu select “HTML Code”.

This will allow you to place the Riddle embed code into your WIX site.

Adding Riddle to WIX - Add the Riddle embed code

Copy the Riddle embed code to your clipboard by selecting the Riddle you want to embed in your “My Riddles” list and clicking on “edit”. (Just be sure to click the green ‘Publish’ button before you continue.)

Click on the green “Get Code” button for the Standard (recommended) embed code. This will open a new window with the embed code for your Riddle.

To select the code and copy it to your clipboard, either right mouseclick and select copy or hit CMD+C on a Mac or CTRL-C on Windows.

Go back to WIX and paste the embed code into the box below the text “Add your code here”.

Click on Update to show the Riddle on your page.

Adding Riddle to WIX - adjust the Riddle size

Now, initially, the Riddle will appear a bit too small on your page by default.

Just drag the little square handlers of the Riddle unit out to make it bigger. Your Riddle will adjust to fill the box.

In case you have super-long content in your Riddle, such as a question with 10 answer options for example,WIX will not automatically make the box larger.

Make sure to hit preview and to click through your Riddle at least once to see if all the content is visible without scrolling. If you find out that you need to scroll, go back to the edit mode and make the box taller.

If your Riddle quiz doesn’t resize when viewed on mobile devices, it’s an easy fix:

  • Remove the ‘width:640px;’ from our embed code
    • Before: <div class=”riddle_target” data-rid-id=”105784″ data-fg=”#1486cd ” data-bg=”#FFFFFF ” style=”margin:0 auto;max-width:100%;width:640px;”>
    • After: <div class=”riddle_target” data-rid-id=”105784″ data-fg=”#1486cd ” data-bg=”#FFFFFF ” style=”margin:0 auto;max-width:100%;”>

Congratulations – that’s all it takes.

I hope you enjoy your shiny new add-on to your WIX site. From quizzes to lists, polls to personality tests and surveys, your visitors will love your Riddles.

And as always, if you have any questions, just email us at hello@riddle.com – we love to help!

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