Add Google Analytics tags to your Riddles (Riddle University)

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Creating quizzes, lists, and polls on Riddle are proven winners at boosting engagement with your audience. Here’s a quick tip on how to count each question as a page view for your site’s core metrics using Google Analytics.

Every time you create and embed a quiz or other type of Riddle on your site, you’ve got a ready-made reason for your audience to interact and click (from 3-5 minutes on average).

That’s great – but we often get this question: “Can we use Google Analytics to count these interactions, so we can get more accurate statistics about our site’s engagement?”

Using Your Google Analytics to Count Riddle Events

Note: We highly recommend using Google Tag Manager to track Riddle Events in Google Analytics. Check out this post on how to use Google Tag Manager with Riddle.

Every time you put one of your Riddles on your site, you’re embedding an iFrame… a bit of code that allows us to serve the content for your audience to interact with.

(Side note: using our CSS Style Override – you can seamlessly match your Riddle to the look and feel of your site. You can style prett much any element – from buttons to fonts, text alignment, borders and more.)

While you can’t add your Google Analytics tags directly into your Riddle itself, we do broadcast all tracking events to the parent window.

So the good news is that you could include this JS code in your page to send these events to your Google Analytics:

// add listener

window.addEventListener(“message”, onMessage);

// listener function

function onMessage(event) {

// did event come from Riddle?

if( && {

// send event to GA under category “riddle”

ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘riddle’,;



We coded up a cool example for you to check out here. Play around with the source code and adapt it to your own needs.

What are the benefits?

You can set up the tracking so that every time a user clicks ‘next’, that will count as a separate page view.

If each of your Riddles has 10 questions – and you have 1,000 people complete each quiz, list or personality test, that’s 10,000 more page views. Not bad right?

Ask us anything about Google Analytics…

Hope that helps but just let us know if we can assist in any way at

We’re customer service geeks at Riddle, and love reading and responding to everyone. 🙂

Happy Riddling,


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