How to catch JS events in general

The following example is written in Javascript and catches the ‘view-quiz-result’ event. Feel free to alter this snippet to any event from below.

function onMessage(event) {
    if ( && {
        var riddleData =;
        if ('object' === typeof (riddleData)) {
            if (riddleData.action === 'view-quiz-result') {
                // Your code here
window.addEventListener("message", onMessage, true);

 Lead form events

  • form-submit
  • form-skip

IMPORTANT: when listening to form-submit and form-skip events, there is no action associated to them.

Thus the even listener will have to be riddleData === ‘form-submit’ instead of riddleData.action === ‘form-submit’

Please check your code if you are not getting form-submit events. Most likely you added .action to riddleData

Listen to these events to determine, if someone has reached your result page. The finish-quiz and view-result events are shown when the last question is answered. If you added a lead form, the finish events will show when the lead form is loaded and NOT when the result page is shown after the form is submitted or skipped.

General events

  • page-change: this event is basically the same as ‘turn to the next question’ but it is the same for every quiz type
  • cta-click: this event fires when a CTA button placed on a result page is clicked.

 JS Events every quiz type has in common

 Start QuizAnswerFinish QuizSee ResultsTurn to next QuestionIndividual events
Opinion Pollstart-pollanswer-pollfinish-poll///
Journey/Interactive Storystart-narrativeanswer-narrativefinish-narrativeresult-narrative / unique-result-narrativeview-page-of-narrativeunique-result-narrative
Reaction Pollstart-sentiment/////
Ranked Liststart-rankedlistanswer-rankedlistfinish-rankedlist///
Tap & Findstart-spot//view-spot-resultview-each-spot/
Order Itstart-lineup/finish-lineupview-lineup-resultview-each-lineup/
Multi Pollstart-poll2020answer-poll2020finish-poll2020///

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