How to connect your AWeber account to Riddle

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Email automation experts AWeber and the quiz builder Riddle make it easy for to run highly personalized and effective email marketing campaigns.

Growing your business online is a tough challenge.

First, you need to capture the attention of your target audience. And that’s just the start. You then have to convert them to paying customers. The best way to do that and avoid sounding like spam? Follow-up messages that relevant and specific to each user.

There’s no way you can write these manually. You have a million things on your plate – so the process needs to be automatic and dead simple.

Enter AWeber and Riddle’s quiz maker.

Quizzes are “the most shared content on Facebook” (AdWeek). They’re proven to attract (and keep) an audience’s attention.

And best of all? When you make a quiz, you can use the answers they provide to help convert them to happy, paying customers.

Now you can leverage both Riddle’s quiz builder with AWeber’s email automation tools to rapidly grow your customer base.

Integrate Aweber with quiz builder Riddle

Before I explain how it all works, here’s a very brief use case:

Imagine you’re selling online cooking classes for all skill levels.

You go ahead and create a quiz with tough cooking-related questions to help segment beginner cooks from advanced chefs.

Each user who takes the quiz gets a different follow-up offer – pro cooks might get 50% off your ‘Advanced Soufflés’ course, while beginners get a free ‘3 day Cooking Fundamentals’ coupon.

Sounds tricky? It’s not – it takes just a few minutes with our online quiz creator and AWeber.

Video: How to connect AWeber with Riddle’s quiz maker

Setting up AWeber with Riddle’s quiz builder

We’ll walk you through a basic example – after that you’ll know how to connect AWeber with Riddle’s quiz creator to kick-off your email marketing automation.

(Not an AWeber user yet? Sign up for their free trial first.)

  1. Start by creating a Riddle quiz and just add one simple question. Ask “Are you a pro cook?” with “Yes” and “No” as the answer choices.
  2. Create 2 result types: “Amateur” for 0% to 50% and “Pro Cook” for 50% to 100%.
  3. Move on to the ‘Lead Generation’ tab and select AWeber.
  4. Click on ‘connect’ – a new AWeber window will pop open. After logging in, you’ll see an authorization token.
  5. Copy and paste the token text in the field on Riddle.
  6. Click the ‘Connect AWeber’ button.
  7. Give your lead form a catchy title and marketing copy – to motivate people to sign up.
  8. Riddle defaults to showing only a field for “name” and “email”. (Short forms convert much better – and (cool feature) AWeber auto-magically breaks out first and last names.)
  9. Select the list you want to add the leads to – and you are good to go.

Now the magic happens.

That’s all you need to send leads to your AWeber account. But don’t stop there – we are big fans of using the AWeber tag feature.


Riddle’s quiz builder allows you to map test or quiz results to an AWeber tag.

  • Simple tick “add tags to leads” and name your tags.
  • In our case, we’ll name the Score 0% to 50% “Amateur” and the 50% to 100% “Pro”.
  • We’ll also apply the custom tag “riddlequiz” to all leads so we can keep track of the lead source.
  • Check out the screenshot below to see this setup in action.

Connecting AWeber with Riddle’s quiz maker

Now that your shiny new quiz is finished, go ahead and hit ‘publish’.

The next steps are done in AWeber.

  • Login to AWeber and click on the Messages Menu item.
  • Select “Campaigns” from the drop down and create a new campaign.
  • You’ll want to create a campaign that kicks off when a tag is applied, so select that option.
  • Start the campaign when the tag “Pro” is applied and add “send a message” as a second step. (Now all you need to do is come up with a cool message to send to the pro chefs out there.)
  • Repeat this to set up a second campaign for the tag “Amateur” and you are all set.
  • Email marketing automation greatness awaits!

Below is a screenshot for the campaign setup for the tag “pro”.

Also check out this live example to experience the flow between AWeber and Riddle on our sample site, complete with an auto-email based on your quiz results.

If you have any questions, please write us at

(We’re big customer service geeks and love to help – all our founders tend to race each other to be first to answer each message.)

PS. I’m not kidding – Mike’s currently winning this month, and I’m on the hook to buy him a six-pack of good beer.

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