It’s easy to send leads and their responses from your Riddle quiz directly to MailChimp – you can send personalized emails based on each quiz taker’s responses.

Riddle Mailchimp native integration

We designed Riddle as an easy to use, flexible quiz platform – ideal for powering your own quiz marketing funnel.

Why use Riddle & Mailchimp?

Quizzes and other interactive content are powerful marketing tools – your potential clients are actively clicking and engaged.

Add a lead form – and you can use all that data to your MailChimp account, automatically sending the perfect follow up message to each user.

Sample use cases

We’ve seen some creative ways marketers use Riddle and MailChimp over the years. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Special offers based on quiz results – Forget one coupon for all users. Savvy sellers use our personality test to suggest the right products for each user – then present them a special coupon for those items.
  • Contests and promotions – It’s easy to challenge your audience to a quiz contest where only people who get a certain result (“Score 90% or better to win!”) are entered.
  • Send detailed quiz reports by email – This is a great way to give a compelling reason to fill in your quiz lead form. You can show a short snippet in your Riddle quiz – and send more a more in-depth analysis by email.

7 steps: Sending Riddle quiz leads to MailChimp

Here’s how you can get going connecting Riddle to MailChimp:

  1. Create a list in your MailChimp account – with the fields you want to collect.
  2. Add text fields for each field like ‘Quiz result’, ‘Quiz description’ etc. – and make them hidden.
  3. Go to Riddle and in the ‘Collect leads’ step of your quiz – click ‘Connect’
  4. Select ‘MailChimp’
  5. Log-in
  6. Map your Riddle form fields to your existing list fields in your software.
  7. Note: To link to quiz responses and results, just scroll down to the ‘dynamic data’ section.

Video: Getting started with MailChimp & Riddle

Here’s a video overview of setting up your MailChimp integration with Riddle’s quiz maker:

(Optional) Automate follow up email messages:

Once the leads are in your MailChimp account, you might want to set up campaigns that automatically send messages to users.

MailChimp just rolled their handy ‘Customer Journey’ feature – that’s brilliant for things like this.

Mailchimp journeys

Video overview – segmenting quiz leads with MailChimp

Check out how this video overview we whipped up – about sending different messages to leads, based on their quiz responses:

 Mailchimp automation options

Mailchimp’s a pretty flexible tool – so you have several options about sending targeted emails to each leads, depending on how they answered your quiz.

  1. Send the same template message to all users – 
    • Select ‘Campaign’ in MailChimp – then choose ‘regular email’. 
    • Pick your list as the recipients.
    • Customize the content of the email
  2. Go automated – sending different messages based on responses
    • Select ‘automated’ in the ‘Campaign’ section of MailChimp
    • Design your email template and text for your message
    • Next – click on ‘edit trigger’
    • This is your chance to tell MailChimp when to send this message to a particular user. 
    • Click on list management > ‘changed list field to value’
    • Select your quiz result variable in the dropdown – and paste the text of your quiz result.
    • Any time a new subscriber with this exact quiz result joins you list – they will be sent this message.
    • Repeat these steps to create automated campaigns for each of the other quiz results.
edit Mailchimp trigger
Mailchimp result tagging

Other ways to send Riddle leads

Right, so we hope you found this guide on setting up Riddle and MailChimp helpful.

We also support several other options:

We also have native integrations for ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Google Sheets, and more.

Any questions @ MailChimp and Riddle?

Please just give us a shout if we can help in any way. You can reach us on support chat or email (

We’re lightning-fast, and read and respond to every message – often in under two minutes flat.


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Video transcipt:

(We know sometimes it’s easier to read – than listen to a video. So here’s the transcript for our MailChimp video walkthrough used above.)

Hi there. My name is Mike and I’m one of the co-founders here at Riddle. And I just wanted to say, thanks so much for taking a look at our quiz maker.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to send all of your quiz leads and their quiz responses to your MailChimp account, so you can automatically send out personalized quiz responses around how they answered your Riddle quiz.

And while I say, quiz, it could also be a poll, a personality test, a survey, any of Riddle’s 15 formats will work. So let’s imagine you have made this amazing three question quiz around cyber security.

Now you’re going to want to go into our collect email step to set up a form.

But before we do that, let’s go to MailChimp – you’re going to want to go to the audience tab and you just need to set up MailChimp so there are slots where your quiz lead data can go.

First, I’m going to click on audience, then I’m going to click on sign up forms, and then on the form builder, I’m going to click select.

Now I’m just got to set up a couple of custom fields so that MailChimp knows where to place this data.

I’ve already done two of these – I’ve created quiz result title like, “Hey, you’re at high risk.” or “You’re at low risk for cyber security.” I’ve also selected question one. So I want to store question one and their answer. Now let’s add one more and I click one more and oops, I made a mistake here.

(This does happen fairly often because I need coffee!)

But what you’re going to do is in a field you need to select text – MailChimp only supports text fields with their API. So click on text (not any other type of data).

We now have this lovely untitled field. I’m going to click on field settings and I’m going to call this the right name.

What I want to actually keep track of how how many points they got. So let’s say on a three question quiz, did they get one right, two right or three right?

You can leave the field tag alone and then you’re going to want to make this hidden so I can click save.

And you’ll see here, now we have three fields. You can have unlimited numbers of fields. That’s entirely up to you.

One other note, if you want to use double opt-in, you’ll need to make sure that you double opt-in is enabled under settings audience default, and just make sure it is set up.

I’m going to turn this off just to make this a bit easier for our demonstration purposes. Okay?

So now MailChimp is all configured. We’re going to go connect Riddle to MailChimp.

I have already done this a couple of times, but I’m going to show you how to set up a MailChimp integration. So under the integrations section, click on accounts, and you’ll see here, I have three of these. I need to go around later to delete most of these, but for now, let’s just go through MailChimp.

I’m going to create this integration. Now MailChimp is going to say, well, okay, let’s make sure you really want to give permission. So I’m going to say yes, allow.

Let’s go back to our Riddle quiz and get things going. So I’m going to click on edit here. Now we’re back on lead forms. So we have our form.

I’ve now connected to MailChimp and you’ll see here – this is the audience. Now, most people just have one audience but you can have obviously different ones.

Okay, let’s start mapping. Now, first name, obviously you can map to first name, last name to last name. Now these are those custom fields I set up – these are the spots in MailChimp waiting for data.

I’m going to show you, we send a lot of data that you can choose from. So for quiz result, title, I’m going to choose score text. And then for question one, I’m going to go down here and select question one answer. And then finally questions score.

It’s probably bad English. I should have said quiz score, but I’m going to go through here and select score number. “Hey, I got two out of three, right? Three out of three, right?” Things like that.

And that’s it.

One piece of advice do not test lead gen in the customize step – that happens fairly often. The preview step does not send data – so no leads appear in MailChimp.

So let’s go to the publish step, click publish. You have this living, breathing Riddle quiz.

I’m going to take the quiz to test – and I should hopefully going to get these answers, correct? Because I’ve taken this quiz way too many times.

Okay – there’s our quiz.

And now for email address, this is one other tip for MailChimp. It won’t let you add the same email address twice. So if you’ve been using an email address to test and you test again, it’s not going to show up – and you’re going to wonder why it’s not working.

However, there is a neat, sneaky little trick. If you are using Gmail, all you need to do is add a plus sign – and I’m going to add the time and maybe MailChimp. So this is just a little custom identifier for

So we have now my score and I got their quiz results.

Let’s go look to see this data in our audience. So I’m going to click on audience and go to all contacts and theoretically yeah, there we go.

So you’ll see that this is the email address I use – first name, last name, quiz result, score, and so on. If you have any questions about setting up MailChimp lead generation, or frankly, just quizzes in general, please use our support, because man, we are militant about being really good at customer support.

Our entire team, we race each other to respond first. That means we respond so quickly that people think we’re bots.

We’re not bots. We’re just really fast. So if you have any questions – please feel free to reach out and we look forward to helping you again.

So again, thanks so much for taking a look at Riddle, and ‘Happy Riddling’.

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