Quiz creator for agencies

  • Add quiz-making to your agency's superpowers.
  • Wow your clients - engage fans, gather emails and qualify leads, and kickstart a viral conversation.
  • Collaborate as a team to quickly create 100% client-branded quizzes, polls, and other content.

Happy clients - without new hires

Hey - we get it. Life as an agency is constant balancing act - keeping your clients happy with tight resources. That why we created Riddle - deliver beautiful interactive content with our quiz creator for your campaigns in minutes. No coding or expensive experts needed.

Make any team member a quiz creator

  • Riddle is super intuitive - no learning curve.
  • Every member of your team can be delivering quizzes, lists, or surveys in under five minutes.
  • Our polls are even quicker - the record for a client-ready poll is 93 seconds.

Simple pricing - billable results

  • Riddle's pricing is an intuitive as our quiz maker.
  • Sign up for a month to fulfill a short campaign, or subscribe month to month to support all of your clients.
  • Each plan includes unlimited quizzes, leads, and views - and no pesky long-term contracts.

Capture qualified leads for your clients

  • Quizzes do more than engage a client's audience.
  • Collect emails and user responses - then send them automatically to the client's marketing software.
  • Qualify and segment each lead by their answers - for personalized follow up and conversions.

Add your clients' logo to any quiz

  • Quickly create completely white labelled quizzes with our PRO and ENTERPRISE plans.
  • Add your clients' logos to any quiz, list, poll, or survey.
  • Match their brand guidelines with our extensive customization tools (including custom fonts and CSS editor).

Track sign ups with conversion pixels

  • Use conversion pixels (Facebook or your own) to monitor quiz conversions.
  • Drive paid traffic to your quiz to start viral cycle.
  • Optimize traffic sources based on which provided the most leads.

Check out the Riddle Blog to learn more about conversion tracking

Work together as a team to create quiz content

One account - multiple clients

  • Riddle's team feature makes it simple for your agency to support many clients.
  • Create and collaborate as a team.
  • Invite each client to their own workspace to sign off draft quizzes.

One click PDF reports

  • Avoid time-consuming report buidling.
  • Swap the copy/paste for Riddle's one-click report.
  • Create a beautiful PDF report you can send to your clients, including quiz starts, completes, leads, and more.

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