What is a Riddle list?

Smartphones are changing the way people read online. Content needs to clear and concise - perfect for reading and sharing on the go. You’ve probably seen lists already on Facebook or Twitter - everything from the “10 Best iPhone Apps” to “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars”.

The good news is that you can create your own lists on Riddle in just a few minutes - complete with eye-catching images, videos, and animated GIFs to keep your audience engaged.

Why use Riddle lists on my web site?

  • Go mobile: all Riddle lists are fully responsive and fit any screen, ideal for today’s readers across mobile, tablets, and desktop.
  • Get interactive and grow your audience: make each passive article into an active experience. It sounds simple - but users that interact with your content share twice as often as ‘traditional’ articles.
  • Boost time on site: easy to browse and easy to read, lists keep your readers happily engaged on your site. On average, we’ve seen lists increase time on site by 27%.
  • Get more leads: use a Riddle lead generation form in your lists and collect email addresses, names, and other details to boost your marketing.

Accuweather is one of the web’s largest weather sites - they are big fans of adding lists to their articles.

How do I make a list on Riddle?

It’s easy - and no coding required. You can use Riddle’s list builder to quickly build and embed an interactive list in just a few minutes.

Simply create a list - and user our image tools to find that perfect photo, video, or animated GIF for each item.

On Wordpress? It’s even easier - using Riddle’s free plug-in, you can create, edit, and publish in any page or post.

See a live list in action

Here is a sample list to click through. You can also choose to unroll your list to display all the items at the same time..

What type of pictures can I use?

  • Getty Images
  • YouTube videos
  • Upload your own photos
  • Search Google for images or animated GIFs
  • Facebook
  • News articles
  • Instagram

Can I customize my list?

Every site is different - so we’ve made it easy to customize your Riddle list. Like our Riddles, you can change:

  • Main and background colors
  • Fonts
  • Twitter share message

Why stop there? Each of our plans let you customize:

  • Display order: choose if your list counts up (ex. from 1 to 10), down, or does not show a counter at all.
  • Unfold your list: show all your list items at once as an easy to scroll list
  • One item per slide: make a your list interactive. Display one item per slide and let your readers tap/click each time.
  • Hide the start page: get your readers interested with a title page or get them clicking with item #
  • Over 30 languages supported - from Swedish to German and Japanese

Want even more options? Our PRO and ENTERPRISE plans let you 100% white label your Riddles - removing our branding (and adding your own).

With ENTERPRISE, you have complete creative control. Use your site’s exact font (any Google Font, Fonts.com, or Adobe TypeKit) font in your list. Customize our CSS any visual element - from borders, fonts, buttons, and more - to seamlessly blend your list to your site’s look and feel.

Can I gather emails through a list?

  • Definitely - you can display a lead generation form before the last item in your list. Your audience will be the most engaged with your content - resulting in excellent conversion rates.
  • We have an easy to use form builder - or you can insert a form from AWeber, MailChimp, or other CRM tools.
  • Collect email addresses, name, age, and other qualifying information

Seamless integration with your marketing software

  • Send any sign ups to your CRM system
  • We feature one-click integration to your MailChimp and AWeber accounts.
  • Leverage our webhook and Zapier features to connect Riddle to any CRM - from Marketo to InfusionSoft, HubSpot to ConstantContact and more
  • Automate your email funnel - send out follow-up messages based around your list

Check out our three favorite lists from our publishing partners:

Why are lists so compelling?

There’s something irresistible about a good list. Maybe it’s the way it compiles and presents information in easy to digest format - perfect for today’s time-challenged readers. Or it could be the interactivity - letting each user actively control their experience as they tap, tap, tap their way through your list.

Whatever the reason - lists are a powerful tool to increase engagement and grow your email list.

You can do this with any type of article. Writing a post of car buying advice for your auto insurance website? Convert each bit of advice to a list item - and voila! You’ve got “Seven Car Buying Pitfalls - and How to Avoid Them”.

Pop in a lead generation form - and you’ve got a powerful content combination that will grow your audience and email list at the same time.

You can connect your lead generation form to your marketing software, and Riddle will automatically send each new sign up to your CRM tool. We support every system - either with a native in-tool integration with AWeber and MailChimp, or through our webhook and Zapier options.

There you have it - you can build and embed your first list using Riddle in five minutes flat.

Happy Riddling!