Why create an online list / listicle?

Smartphones are changing the way people read online. Content needs to clear and concise - perfect for reading and sharing on the go. You've probably seen online lists already on Facebook or Twitter - everything from the "10 Best iPhone Apps" to "7 Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars".

The good news is that you can create your own lists on Riddle in just a few minutes - complete with eye-catching images, videos, and animated GIFs to keep your audience engaged.

Why use Riddle lists on your web site?

  • Go mobile: every list created with our test maker is fully responsive and fits any screen, ideal for today's readers across mobile, tablets, and desktop.
  • Get interactive and grow your audience: turn passive articles into an active experience. It sounds simple - but users that interact with your content share twice as often as 'traditional' articles.
  • Raise time on site: easy to browse and easy to read, listicles keep your readers happily engaged on your site. On average, we've seen lists and other interactive content boost time on site by 27%.
  • Get more leads online: use our quiz creator's lead generation form in your lists and collect email addresses, names, and other details to boost your marketing. (Learn more).

The BBC loves lists and listicles

The legendary British Broadasting Corporation (BBC) often to turn to lists for quick to create, easy to digest content using online lists like "7 British things Europeans just don't understand:

How do I make an online list on Riddle?

It's easy - and no coding required.

You can use Riddle's quiz maker to quickly build and embed an interactive online list in just a few minutes.

Simply create a online list - then use our image tools to search and add that perfect photo, video, or animated GIF.

Our online quiz creator is fully responsive, so your list will resize to fit any size your audience uses - from smartphone to desktop.

On Wordpress? It's even easier - using our quiz maker's Wordpress plug-in, you can create, edit, and publish in any page or post.

Chelsea FC adds listicles to their quiz line up

Premiership club (and frequent champions) Chelsea FC have a content team that lives and dies with interactive content. Online lists are one tool they use to keep their passionate fans involved with frequent bite-sized bit of content.

Check out their Riddle listicle about two of their players' journey to winning the World Cup with France:

Using videos, images, and GIFs in your list

Liven up your listicle with easy to search and embed photos and videos. Riddle's quiz maker features these built-in options - simply search and click to add images, animated GIFs, YouTube videos and more to your online list:

  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Google image search
  • Giphy animated GIFs
  • Pexels copyright free images
  • Upload your own photos or GIFs
  • Upload your own videos in mp4 format
  • Upload your own audio files in mp3 format
  • Twitter (embed any public tweet)

Can I customize my list?

Every site is different - so we've made it easy to customize your Riddle list. Like our Riddles, you can change:

  • Main and background colors
  • Fonts
  • Twitter share message

We know every site is different - so we've made it easy to customize your Riddle list with our quiz maker. Just like making a quiz, you can change:

  • Button, primary, and background colors
  • Extensive font and text options
  • Social share messages - customize your Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and LinkedIn share messages

Why stop there? Each of our quiz creator plans feature over 50 customization features (and counting!), including:

  • Display order: choose if your list counts up (ex. from 1 to 10), down, or does not show a counter at all.
  • Unfold your list: show all your list items at once as an easy to scroll list.
  • One item per slide: make a your list interactive. Display one item per slide and let your readers tap/click each time.
  • Hide the start page: get your readers interested with a title page or get them clicking with your list items directly.
  • Over 65+ languages supported - from Spanish to Swedish, Amharic to Arabic

Want to white label your online list? Add your logo (or your clients') with our Pro and Team test maker plans.

With our Riddle Team plan, you have complete creative control when you create a quiz or list. Add your site's exact font (upload your own or use any Google Font, Fonts.com, or Adobe TypeKit) in your list. Customize our CSS any visual element - from borders, fonts, buttons, and more - to seamlessly blend your list to your site's look and feel.

Collect emails and leads online

Adding lead generation to your online list is easy:

  • Display a lead generation form before the last item in your list.
  • Your audience will be the most engaged with your content - resulting in excellent conversion rates.
  • Use our drag/drop form builder or add your own form from MailChimp, AWeber, or any other CRM.
  • Mandatory or optional forms - you decide!
  • Collect the information you need - with 16 field types and double opt-in support.
  • GDPR-compliant lead generation: Riddle is a fully GDPR safe quiz maker - collect emails and personal data worry-free.

Seamless integration with your marketing software

We designed Riddle's quiz maker to be your own powerful marketing funnel:

Ranked lists = where lists meet polls

You can add a voting element to listicles with our ranked list. Create your list with our quiz maker - then let your audience upvote their favorites. The result? A crowd-sourced listicle that spurs social sharing and voting online - like this "What's the best TV show for 2019?"):

Why are lists and listicles so compelling?

There's something irresistible about a good list.

Maybe it's the way it compiles and presents information in easy to digest format - perfect for today's time-challenged readers. Or it could be the interactivity - letting each user actively control their experience as they tap, tap, tap their way through your list.

Whatever the reason - lists are a powerful tool to increase engagement and grow your email list.

You can add a list to any type of article with our quiz creator. Writing a post of car buying advice for your auto insurance website? Convert each bit of advice to a list item - and voila! You've got "Seven Car Buying Pitfalls - and How to Avoid Them".

Pop in a lead generation form - and you've got a powerful content combination that will power your marketing funnel, growing your audience and email list at the same time.

You can connect your lead generation form to your marketing software, and Riddle's test maker will automatically send each new sign up to your CRM tool. We support every system - either with a native in-tool integration with AWeber, Blue State Digital, and MailChimp, or through our Zapier app and webhook alternatives.

There you have it - you can build and embed your first list using Riddle's quiz maker in just five minutes flat.

Have a question about lists or making an online quiz?

Let us know - we're geeks about all things related to our quiz maker... we'd love to help.

Drop us a line on support chat or email (hello@riddle.com).

We're fast, really fast - our entire team including our CEO Boris compete to respond first, often in less than a minute!

Listicles are great for presenting bite-sized content for your busy audience. Instead of a long article, you can quickly summarize the top X points (e.g. “7 things you didn’t know about Paris” or "9 secrets to picking the right career").

Riddle’s online quiz creator makes it simple to get started. Just click ‘create’ and type your list items, then use our media picker to find/add images, audio, video, and GIFs. Once you’re finished, hit ‘publish’ and copy the embed code into any page or post - just like embedding a YouTube video… no coding required!

Unlimited - you can add as many items to your online list as you like. We’ve seen the Riddle community create lists from three items to over 300.

Absolutely - you can upload your own, or search and find the right image, video, audio clip, and animated GIF. Riddle supports nine different ways to add multimedia to your listicle - including Giphy, YouTube, Pexels, Google, Vimeo, and MP3/MP4 video/audio support.

Yes - you can choose between showing one item at a time or our ‘unrolled’ option, which displays all of your online list items at once.

Making an online list is a great way to quickly present information to your audience - in a concise and engaging way. You could show ranked lists (“Top 10 movies to see this summer!”) for example - or just show similar items (“9 common stock market investing mistakes”).

Lists turn long text articles into bite-sized chunks for today’s attention-starved audiences - turns users from passive browsers into active clickers, as they click through your list item.