• What is Riddle?

    Riddle is here to help you create interactive social content in just a matter of minutes. Make quizzes, polls, lists and a whole lot more with our super simple tools to share however you want.

  • Is Riddle free to use?

    You can use Riddle totally free for 14 days. You do not need to enter any payment details to sign up and start creating. During the free usage phase we unlock all Riddle features for you. After the free period you need to pick one of our subscription packages, starting at $7 per month. Find out more about the riddle.com price structure here.

    Anything you create and embed on your website during the trial will stay active and available, even if you choose not to use one of our paid plans. However, you will not be able to edit your content, download new leads, view your stats or use any of our premium features at that time. Please note that if you used a Pro feature like swapping the Riddle logo for your own logo, these features will be disabled if you stay on the free plan to display your Riddle content.

  • What media types can I use in a Riddle?

    Images, YouTube videos, animated gifs, web articles... Pretty much anything under the sun really. Simply click on one of the available media options and just search for whatever you need without ever leaving the site. You can even log in to your Facebook account right from our creation tools. You're welcome!

  • Can I use my own images?

    If you can't find what you need you can always just drag and drop a file right into the media window itself, which supports .jpeg, .png and .gif file types.

  • What size images work best?

    Widescreen: sizes like 1280x720 or 1920x1080 naturally works best, but don't worry if your desired image doesn't fit, you can simply use our awesome edit tools to crop them.

    Square: 1080x1080

    Tall: 720x1280 or 1080x1920

    Please note: once you select a format, all of the images will be in that ratio… for a smooth audience experience, you can't mix/match. We didn't want the Riddle widget to be resizing to accommodate different image layouts.

  • How do I embed a Riddle in my blog or website?

    Once you've created a Riddle head to the "Publish" section and you will see the embed section at the bottom of the page. Here you have a bunch of options to get the embed looking just the way you want for your site. Don't be afraid to play around with this until you get it working for you, it will not affect the Riddle itself.

  • My embed is not showing up - what can I do?

    It's possible that the provider of your blog does not allow external javaScript for security reasons. (Don't worry the Riddle script is safe, we just use it to resize the Riddle container). You can mitigate this by using one of the other embed modes that doesn't use any javascript. All this means is your Riddle container will no longer automatically resize itself and will instead use a specified height.

    Some sites don't allow inline CSS which will also affect the way your embed looks. If this is the case you should use the "Static (no CSS or Javascript)" option.

    Still stuck? Please let us know via support chat or write to us at hello@riddle.com - ideally you can send us a link to the failed embed so we can check out what's wrong. We're super fast at getting back in touch and will do our best to fix it for you.

  • My embed isn't working on Wordpress.com

    Right now there is no way to get an embed working within a Wordpress.com site (free account using Wordpress URLs), as they do not allow the use of javascript or iframes. We are currently working on a native Wordpress plugin that will solve this problem and will let you know once we have that ready. Please note that Riddle works great on self hosted Wordpress Installations (a version of Wordpress you downloaded from wordpress.org or the Wordpress that comes with most hosting packages). for these you can either use our standard embed code - just make sure to paste it after switching the editor to text mode - or install the free Riddle Quiz Maker Wordpress Plugin from the Wordpress Plugin Directory.

  • Can I resize a Riddle embed?

    Yes - we use Javascript to have it resize automatically, but you can fix it to a specific size yourself if you wish. Choose either the "Responive" or "Static" option in the embed mode dropdown menu and specify the height manually.

    Don’t worry - the width of the Riddle container will always automatically fit the width of your website/blog up to the maximum value of 640px.

  • Quiz or personality test - what’s the difference?

    Quizzes have questions with a definite right or wrong answer - and each user gets a final score. So for a quiz around “How I Met Your Mother”, you might ask questions like “Just what the heck does Barney do for a living?”

    Personality tests are different - giving each user a result that’s based entirely on how they answered the questions. So for “What Star Wars character am I?”, depending on their answers, each user might see they got Han Solo or Chewbacca (awesome), or even (ugh) Jar-Jar Binks. If you want to learn more about these 2 quiz types and also read up on how to best create and them, we have written a great book on the topic. Check out QuizMaker - Growth Hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests - a free download for Riddle users.

  • How can I collect user responses?

    Riddle makes it easy to gather user data. In the ‘Lead Gen’ step, you can create a lead generation form using our tools or MailChimp to ask for user responses and email addresses (like this quiz by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls). With Riddle you can take your lead generation to the next level as you can easily combine leads with user responses and create highly targeted lead segments that way. Obviously, you can leave it up to the user if they want to send their quiz data along with the lead, if collecting such information needs express permission in your country.

    You can then send out follow up marketing messages based on the user’s results or their answers to a particular question. Or you could select winners in contests (from people who got 9/10 right in a quiz for example).

    You can also copy/paste your own existing landing pages and send all data to your CRM system using our iFrame option.

    To top it off, we also offer a webhook option, which allows you to use our built-in forms and use your own script to process the quiz data. If you are not keen on coding your own code, you can use services like zapier.com to process your data and send your leads to SalesForce, Google Sheets or another of the thousands of services supported by Zapier. You can read more about this great feature here or check out our Github repository for some cool sample scripts.

    You can then send out follow up marketing messages based on the user’s results - or select winners in contests (from people who got 9/10 right in a quiz for example).

  • What’s a custom iFrame?

    Perfect for displaying your own sign up forms, landing pages, or even video or image ads between the last question and the user’s results. Just paste in the URL for the iFrame under our lead gen step. Learn more.

  • Can I use my own fonts in a Riddle?

    Absolutely - as part of our Enterprise plan, you can use any font from Adobe TypeKit, Google Fonts, Fonts.com or Fontdeck. Here’s how.

  • Will Arabic and Hewbrew display right to left (RTL))

    Yes - if you select Arabic or Hebrew as the preferred language for your Riddle, the font direction will automatically be adjusted and all text in your quiz will display from right to left - as they should. If your language is missing, you can always drop us a note and we can add a new RTL language with a bit of your help.

  • Can I change the look/feel of my Riddle to match my site?

    Yes - using our CSS Style Override, you can change the look of almost any visual element of a Riddle. From changing the button styling or borders to text display and making your logo bigger, the sky’s the limit. Check out this example from Penguin/Random House or click here for more info.

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