We love inspiring creators.

We launched Riddle to make life easier for you, the social creators. After all, we know it’s YOU who create the things that make us laugh and cry, think and share.

Our goal is to provide best-in-class tools that making creating interactive content simple, so you can concentrate on the content instead of worrying about the tools.

So we’ve made Riddle - create and share great content, then use our beautifully intuitive dashboard to learn what your fans loved most.

Create. Post. Learn. (Repeat)

Meet our crack team of media geeks and code ninjas:

  • Boris Boris

    I am a husband and father of 2 wild boys, who keep me busy with all sorts of fun sport activities whenever I am not working. Starting companies has always been my passion. I set up my first company when I was 17 - importing American football and baseball equipment. From there on I have started multiple companies and also set up the European operations for many U.S. corporations.

  • Marco Marco

    I am a soccer-fan turned business builder. Right now I am building the coolest company in the world and having fun doing it. I am mixing years of experience building platforms and seed capital into answering one of the world's biggest questions: What will I be when I grow up?

  • Mike Mike

    Passionate about ultimate frisbee, photography and travel, I'm an active Californian who 10 years ago fell head over heels in love with living abroad in Europe, and love bringing a healthy dose of American enthusiasm to a string of start-ups and small European companies. Much as I love the heady mix of history and cultures though, I'm still searching holding out hope for the perfect London burrito...

  • Russ Russ

    A writer in many guises for over 17 years, I've written so many personality tests and quizzes that I often sort people into different personality types the moment I meet them. Started out as a scientist with a psychology PhD and my favourite hobby is still people watching (or being nosy). Especially if this is done in a pub drinking good beer.

  • Bo Bo

    The resident art geek on the Riddle team, I love adding my own visual design style to Riddle, especially as we continue to focus on making beautiful content tools that are super intuitive and a joy to use. Away from work, you'll often find me on the badminton court, exploring ancient temples, and creating virtual worlds in Blender.

  • Matt Matt

    Games, artists, servers, programmers, analytics, babies, and cats... On any given day I am juggling them all and having great fun. When I’m not creating the next best thing in electronic entertainment I’m pretty much being terrorized by my 2 young kids and the local wildlife. Either that or I’m out and about, traveling the world and sampling what’s next.

  • Chi Chi

    Pop culture junkie for life - there’s no other way to put it. Indiscriminately obsessed with all things creatively stimulating regardless of shape or size, and will pounce at any opportunity to get involved in the creative process myself. Interactive design is my thing, whether it's a simple interface or a full blown game I always aim to make things that puts a smile on the user’s face.

  • George George

    English country boy at heart - now a high rise dweller, city explorer, cyclist, language fumbler, gym goer, beach reveller and mobile tech addict. I'm a software engineer, animator, interaction designer, 3D games developer and web developer in one. Always required to learn new tricks and push the limits of my established skills… and I LOVE it.

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