Order it: our drag/drop sequence quiz

We added a new quiz to add even more flexibility to our quiz maker.

The 'order it' is unique to Riddle - this format gives our quiz creator community even more creative freedom.

Riddle's Order It quiz format

Challenge the user to line up answers in the correct order - with clues and hints along the way.

Sounds simple - but it's surprisingly tricky. And addictive.

Wimbledon challenges their fans

The organizers (or 'organisers' if you're British) behind the legendary tennis tournament at Wimbledon are endlessly inventive engaging their fans with our quiz maker.

They often select 'order it' for their quiz line up - like this "When did these champions win the Nature Valley Open Nottingham?" example:

Order it: a wide range of use cases

The beauty of 'order it' lies in its flexibility.

You can ask questions like:

  • Place these films in order by release data
  • Rank these 10 countries from biggest to smallest
  • Sort the players by goals scored

Use this whatever the topic, from time, size, or any other fact.

If there's a correct way to list them, the 'order it' is a great way to challenge your audience.

The BBC like to shuffle things up

The CBBC team at the British Broadcasting Corporation are wizards with quizzes - you can rely on them for endlessly unique quiz ideas.

Check out this 'Order It: Skeleton Shuffle' - that cleverly engages kids about the human skeleton.

You have quiz options. Lots of options.

Just like all of our quiz maker's 15 interactive content formats - we give you a number of customization options.

Check out this sample:

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited items per questions (we recommend 5-7)
  • Optional clues
  • Choose the # of chances per user
  • Display answers in the correct order

Learn more

We whipped up this handy blog post that covers the 'order it' in more detail.

Discover more use cases for the 'order it', best practices, and other live examples.

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