Quiz creator for marketers

  • Break through the noise - quickly create 100% white labelled quizzes.
  • Automate your marketing funnel - gather emails, qualify leads, and grow your brand's audience.
  • Sync all data to your marketing software for instant follow up messages - personalised for each user's results.

A marketer's best friend

Finding new customers is tough in today's noisy marketplace. That's why we built Riddle - so any marketer could quickly create and embed their own quizzes with integrated lead capture.

Make passive vistors (inter)active leads

Engage your audience with an interactive quiz, list, survey, or poll. Visitors who take a quiz spend 57% more time on your site - increasing your chance to convert them to a customer.

Gather emails and user responses

  • Easily collect email addresses and other information with our lead form builder.
  • Ask users when they're emotionally engaged - before displaying their results.
  • Join our partners like the NBA's Chicago Bulls - and see up to 34% of all quiz takers opt-in with their details.

Send leads to your marketing tools

  • Seamlessly sync to your marketing software - Riddle supports every system, from AWeber to Marketo.
  • Qualify and segment each lead based on their quiz results.
  • Send personalized follow up messages and offers to each lead for instant follow up and conversion.

Your quiz - 100% your branding

  • Add your logo and create 100% white labelled quizzes.
  • Match your site's branding using our customization tools.
  • Want to geek out? Your designers will love the creative freedom provided by our custom fonts and powerful CSS editor.

Enjoy total form flexibility

  • Use quizzes to power your marketing goals.
  • Run contests, video ads, or drive likes on Facebook.
  • You can pop any content into our infinitely customizable 'In-quiz iFrame'.

Endless customization options and custom iFrames inside your quiz

Convert more vistors through custom landing pages

  • Qualify each visitor - then send them to your custom landing pages based on their quiz results.
  • Boost conversions with personalized call to actions, related content, and sign up forms.

Unlock the power of sharing

It's official - "quizzes are the most shared content" according to AdWeek. Leverage the power of word of mouth marketing - and drive more potential customers to your site.

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