What is a quiz?

Quizzes let you ask your audience a series of questions - each with a right or wrong answer.

Why build a Riddle quiz for my site?

  • Grow your audience - quizzes are the most viral shared content (AdWeek)
  • Engage your visitors - visitors who take a quiz stay 37% longer on your site
  • Run contests - such as 'get at least 80% correct for chance to win!'
  • Get more leads - include a lead generation form, and then qualify each sign up based on their quiz answers.

The NBA's Chicago Bulls use quizzes to boost their fans - check out this live example:

Live quiz in action

Is it easy to make a quiz?

Riddle's quiz builder is intuitive and simple to use - no coding skills necessary. Your first quiz can be live on your site in just a few minutes.

On Wordpress? You can also create, edit, and publish quizzes using our Wordpress plug-in.

Let your quiz shine!

Seach and add images to each question via:

  • Getty Images
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Articles
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Upload your own pics or animated GIFs

Collect email addresses with a lead form

  • Show your lead form before the user sees their results (when they are most likely to give their details)
  • Ask for name, age, email - up to five fields of data
  • Create a form using our form builder or use your from AWeber or MailChimp
  • Paste in your own forms or other content using our In-Quiz iFrame

Seamless connectivity

  • Send all leads along with their answers to your CRM system
  • Direct integrate with your AWeber and MailChimp account
  • Connect ConstantContact, MailChimp, Marketo, SalesForce or any other platform via our webhook or Zapier options.

Qualify leads and send automatic follow up messages

  • Ask questions to learn more from each user
  • Segment them by their responses (Ex. Anyone who answers a) for question #5 is a hot lead)
  • Automatically send personalized follow up messages - based on their results.

Here are three more good examples:

Can I customize my quiz?

Definitely - we make it easy to customize your quiz. Completely match how it embeds on your site, from picking the perfect colors to matching your site’s fonts.

Looking at our PRO or ENTERPRISE plans? Go even further - use our 100% white label option to add your logo or hide the Riddle branding. Fully customize the CSS of your quiz to change buttons, borders, and any other visual element to seamlessly blend it on your site - as well as matching your site’s font through Google Fonts, Adobe TypeKit, and more.

Why stop there? All our plans offer you these customizable elements:

  • 30+ languages: You have total freedom to change the wording and language of all our layout elements such as buttons. Just let us know if we are missing something.
  • Show or hide the share buttons: Quizzes are great for viral traffic to your site - but we let you hide them if you already have share buttons on all your pages. Our share buttons always lead users back to your site - never to Riddle.com... we do not want to steal your viral traffic.
  • Change the default text from "Correct" and "Wrong" to any other text that matches your site’s tone - from “Great job” and “Nice try” to “Awesome” and anything else.
  • Hide the ✔ or ✖: not a fan of our visual cue for right or wrong answers? No problem - we let you hide them.
  • Customize the ‘Play Again’ button: Our ‘Play Again’ button appears after any Riddle quiz. People love to try again and beat their previous score - and this boosts your site’s time on site metrics. But if not appropriate for your site, you can change the text or hide it all together.

What makes quizzes so powerful?

We all love to show off a bit - and prove to our friends how much we know. It doesn't matter the subject - it could be about anything from cats to coding, cars to cooking. Quizzes are proven winners at getting people to click, to stay on site, and to share their results with your friends.

And keeping and growing your audience is just the start.

Quizzes are a perfect marketing tool to grow your business. You can include a question or two in each quiz - to qualify each person as a potential lead.

Imagine you're a mortgage broker and you build a "Fact or fiction: Home Buying Myths" quiz. Question #3 could be "It's better to go directly to your bank for a mortgage."

Using Riddle, you could tag anyone who answers 'True' as a hot lead - and they would receive your automatic follow up message showing why mortgage brokers are so helpful.